Garcilaso de la Vega

by Autumn Gendron

A Brief Biography

Garcilaso de la Vega was born to an Aristocratic family in Toledo Spain, around 1503. His family was wealthy, due to the fact that his father was a soldier in the Spanish military. Vega wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and become a great soldier. He became infatuated with battle. Always on the move around Europe for battle. This did not prevent him from having a life away from the battle field of course. It is known that Vega had at least one child with an unnamed lover, and five more children with his wife Elena de Zuniga. Zuniga was the lady in waiting of one of the kings' daughters. With Vega's vast schooling in his youth, and with the help of the Spanish king, he would often write poems usually referring to his love life. He would soon become known as one of the great "Renaissance" men, after his death in the battle in Nice, France on October 15, 1536.

Some Poems

Soneto Iv, Soneto Xxv, and Soneto Ii are some of the poems that Garcilaso are known for. Garcilaso did not have any true names for his poems they were simply numbered and placed into a category. One of his most famous works is Sonnet 23, which is unknown as to when it was written but most likely some time between 1520-1535. This poem is published in books and all over the internet. Such as here: Garcilaso was writing some of the very first sonnets, a type of writing used in every country and is very well known. People enjoy this poem so much because when translated it talks about a woman's youth. About how lovely she looks and to use her youth wisely before she turns old and her beauty will inevitably slip away.

This is very closely related to Humanism. Vega is suggesting to indulge in what desires may come to a young beautiful woman no matter how "scandalous" it may be in the churches beliefs. Vega also uses Illusionism in his works. He is deceiving the reader away from the church where as before writings were mainly for the purpose of spreading religion.


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