bill thomson

Three friends.

They find chalk.

They make creations.


This book starts off with two girls and a boy and they are outside and the boy finds some chalk but what they don't know is that the chalk is magic.


  • Two young girls
  • One boy
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This story is about two girls and one boy. They are outside on a rainy day and they are trying to find something to do. But the boy finds a bag of chalk so they go to this little park. Draw things on the walk way and one of the girl got the chalk.Draw a sun and what she did not know is that the sun came to life .So the other girl drew butterflies and they came alive. But the boy drew a dinosaur and it came alive and it was trying to attack them. So the boy got some chalk and drew rain cloud and it started to rain and everything washed away.


My Review

I like this book because one of the characters in this book reminds me of myself . Also this book is a very good book for any age. You can be old or young, it doesn't matter this book is a very very good book. I'm am glad I took time out the day to read it.