The Great Gifting!

Jim Newburn's apothecary, used books, hardware & more

Tuesday, December 12th, 2-10 pm

My father, Jim Newburn, was--without question--a hoarder. He was also an interesting man, an intelligent human being and someone with an obsession for always learning more. Not just more as in Regular More, but more as in At-the-edge More.

While alive, my father's stuff was spread all over. Now that he has passed and we've worked through his storage units, home and office, what's left is a distillation of his interests, of what he bought, of what caught his attention.

Personally, I think it's really quite lovely to see his choices (in the form of purchases made) pulled together and organized, to see his thinking and desires manifested as stuff, and to see the focus of his interests in the form of things.

I think you will too.

Through a process more involved than you'd probably care to hear, a semblance of his items have been sorted, cleaned and organized for The Great Gifting!

And you're invited!

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What is being gifted?

We've culled and sorted my dad's stuff into primary categories that, to me, very much reflect my father's life and focus --

  1. supplements and health
  2. books (and media)
  3. hardware and tools
  4. office supplies
  5. power and electricity
  6. bins, baskets and organizing tools

There are a few other items in the house that are outside of this category, though most of that other stuff has already been donated.

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We'll be here all day!

Tuesday, Dec. 12th, 2-10pm

6378 Winters Lane

Hanover, MD

Please be attentive to parking and space. If you're on the side of road where the house is located, park into and onto the grass to make more room along the road.

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Who can attend?

This gifting event is open to friends, family and acquaintances of Jim's and of The Newburns: (kids) Jessie, Rebecca, David and (ex-wife) Eileen. You are welcome to invite a friend or two, though please do not post this event or share it beyond specific invitations to a couple/few specific people.

Kids are welcome with your understanding that this is a cannabis-friendly event. Smoking will be allowed outside and not when kids under 14 are present.

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Are you really giving away everything?


By the time of the party, my family and I will have taken any items we want.

I'm pretty sure you'll find some delightful items for yourself. You're also invited to "shop" for holiday gifts to give coworkers, friends and family. We even have a few boxes and some bubble wrap for making gift boxes of special items you find for a friend or loved one. As many people will be coming throughout an 8-hour window, kindly "shop" accordingly.

So many friends gracefully and kindly helped sort my father's stuff during work parties, I've said to them all, "Take the things that speak to you." They have, and it has been just lovely witnessing what people have selected, and to hear their stories of why they wanted each item. (I may ask you the same. And for those willing, there may be some documentation in terms of video or photos during The Great Gifting.)

If you are interested in a larger quantity of some particular item or category of things, or if you are interested in taking all that which is left at the end of the event, talk to me. Ask. At the end of the day, figuratively and literally, I'm looking for it all to be gone. All to be gifted. All gifts from an Ascended Master.

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2:00 p.m -- The event starts.

4:00-5:00 p.m. -- Quantum healing with, if anyone would like a free healing.

8:00 p.m. -- Dance party... maybe? Crowd dependent. Need a playlist. Or just keep hanging out, mingling, finding cool stuff.

10:00 p.m. -- Event ends.

What to bring, how you can help, etc.

Do bring --

  • Your love and good vibes. This is, after all, a memorial.
  • Yoga mats, a blanket or towel, and a pillow... if you are attending the quantum healing.
  • A unique box or bag that you can mark as yours to put your items in.

You can bring--

  • Simple food or drink, if you want. (Assume no kitchen facilities or all!)
  • Cannabis, for yourself and to share (if you want). None provided.

Please do not bring --

  • Any items to contribute to the gifting. This is NOT a swap event or a donation drop-off location; rather, the collection of items being gifted is an altar, of sorts, to my father's interests and passions.
  • People who are uncomfortable around cannabis. This event is intentionally and specifically cannabis-friendly. My father was lightly using cannabis in the last few months of his life, and I believe, fully, that this helped him ease more gently into his death.

Help that I need

  • I'd be utterly grateful for some pre-event photography help, as in over the weekend or on Monday. I'd like some sort of visual representation of The Stuff.
  • An LCD projector. There is a lovely photo slide show my sister created for the memorial. I'd like to display that using an LCD projector. Got one that I can borrow for the day? LMK.
  • Day of helpers and sorters. Nothing super official, just people who help organize piles and areas that get a little messy.
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December 8th Work Party - Prep, More Sorting & Staging

Friday, Dec. 8th, 10:15am-8pm

6378 Winters Lane

Hanover, MD

I still need help. Lots of it. Most especially for a last round of --

  • Sorting items
  • Staging (presentation, display, lighting)
  • A general house cleanup

I'd love to be done with the bulk of the party prep work on December 8th, a Friday. I'll be at the house all day Friday and could use extra hands! If you're more into sorting, there is still much and plenty to do in that realm.

If you've got a sense of staging and presentation, I certainly need help there.

And, well, if you're up for it, the house will probably need a final cleanup after all the items have been moved and placed for the party.

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Helpers and Stagers on 12/12

Throughout the day, I'd love some help to keep tidy the areas of gifting. If you see a couple of half empty boxes of books, combine them into one. If the supplements are all over the place and not in bins, put them back in what you think is the right bin. If the food area is starting to look as though heathens came to visit, tidy it up a bit.

Nothing too intense or difficult. Your good energy, thoughtfulness and intelligence in helping out here and there will be a great addition to the party.


Photography & documentation help

I'd love your help and support capturing photos of the collections of stuff. Document, post and share...all with the understanding and respect that The Great Gifting is a tribute, a memorial, to my father's passions and interests.

My father's obituary

My father's obituary.

I can't yet figure out how to share a QuickTime (Apple photos slide show), which is the photo montage we showed at my father's memorial. If you know the trick, LMK!