SCISC Principal Admin Academy

AA #1182-What Great Principals Do Differently

What Great Principals Do Differently

There is a widely known assumption that the primary criterion for greatness in the role of principal is the right combination of knowledge, skills, and experience. However, the critical attributes that set apart truly great principals from the rest stem from qualities like their beliefs, motivation, relationship building, adaptability, and orientation toward continuous improvement.

Participants will learn about current research and performance data on school principals whose schools have demonstrated great success in improving student achievement; examine the value of undertaking opportunities for self improvement in the knowledge, skills, and experiences that contribute to greatness as a principal; compare leadership skills and strategies that result in improved student achievement, high standards, and connections that lead to a positive learning environment; and study one’s own leadership practices, reflecting on those practices, and considering ways to improve those practices.

Cost: $195

Wednesday, Oct. 21st, 8:30am-3:30pm

253 West Joe Orr Road

Chicago Heights, IL

You can register online at or by calling Robin McElroy-Locke at 708-754-6600