Grade 5 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary School

Week 5: Monday 2nd - Friday 6th February

Dates for the Diary

Science Centre Trip -

5CDO - Tuesday 10th February

5ABA - Thursday 12th February

5DNI - Friday 13th February

Making the News Exit point: Preliminary date - Friday, 27th February

Production Workshop - Saturday March 14th

Production performances - Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th March 7pm

Next week's Virtue of the Week is

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Language Arts

Following on from our world record breaking attempts last week, the children have continued to write up these events as news reports. During our preparations and visits to the Science Centre, the children have been putting together all the pieces of a journalistic text:

- catchy headline (using a technique studied in class)

- an orientation to hook the reader

- inclusion of the 5W's

- use of paragraphs (each with a new topic)

- both direct and reported speech

We have been most impressed with the determination and diligence this week as well as the quality of writing. Some students have been begun working on additional stories, including Global Family Day and our visits to the Science Centre to 'make the news'.


The Grade 5 children showed diligence, commitment and perseverance in their volume test! Now, all of them are ready for the next topic – Decimals. The concept of Decimals was introduced in Grade 4. Thus, the children have some prior knowledge of this topic.

In Grade 5, we will be working on multiplying and dividing of a decimal number by 10/100/1000 and tens/hundreds/thousands. The children will also be working on the conversion of measures which involve decimal numbers. It is important for the children to understand that a decimal number is related to fraction as they will need this knowledge for the future topics.


The focus of our learning in IPC this week has been our Film-Making trip to the Science Centre. The children undertook different roles both in front of and behind the camera. It was an invaluable experience working first hand with quality equipment and experiences operators.

The children showed their virtues of cooperation and communication when working in the film room, with the directors and producers instructing the actors and leading the scenes. It was impressive to see the respect and responsibility that the children displayed in working alongside each other to get each scene in the can.

In preparation for our second visit next week, the children have spent time in class collecting special effects such as sound effects and backdrops. The children will then edit these together with their own footage to create an amazing Newsreel to share with you at our Exit point.



Continue to prepare for editing session at the Science Centre

Submission Date - For class trip date

Language Arts

Reading - Complete task as directed by class teacher.

Submission Date - Friday 13th February


Children will have a task set by their Maths teachers.

Monday's submission date - Wednesday 11th February

Wednesday's submission date - Friday 13th February

Production Information

The production will be performed over two evenings, please note the whole cast will be required to attend both performances.

Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th March 7pm - Elementary School Hall

Order forms for tickets will be available after Chinese New Year and will be on a first come first served basis.

Tickets will be numbered in accordance with health and safety regulations.

Production Program Competition

The preparations for the SJIIES event of the Year are well under way! The roles have been cast, the lines are all learnt and the rehearsals are in full swing.

Now another decision must be made; who will get the prestigious honor of having their art work grace the front cover of the Production Programmes? There will be two winners, one for each evening.

Get your creative juices flowing and come up with a design which is attractive, eye catching and displays an element of the story of Porridge.

It must include Grade 5, Porridge, a space for the date and 'Lyrics and Music by Craig Hawes'

It must be submitted on A4 and can be in a medium of your choice, including IT.

Entries to be submitted to class teacher no later than Tuesday 24th February.