Share Your Success Week

Let your friends and family know about Take Shape for Life.

Share your Success on Facebook.

This week, July 11th through the 18th we are running a contest! All you need to do to enter is share at least three posts on your personal Facebook wall highlighting your success with Take Shape for Life. In one of the posts, TAG your own health coach.

Posts may be about amount of weight lost, healthy meals you have enjoyed, or even before and after pictures. You can post a new profile picture and mention the weight loss. Share how your health has increased, or how you have begun to exercise, or sleep better. You get the idea!

Please be sure to mention your health coach so that if friends and family are interested in Take Shape for Life they can have a coach also.

Contest Rules

  • Post on three different days, mentioning your health journey.
  • In one post, TAG your personal Health Coach.
  • When friends and family are interested share your coach's contact, and then inform your coach.
  • Don't mention "Medifast" or "Take Shape for Life" as your friends will go straight to the company and miss out on having a free coach. Also, please do not try to explain the 5 and 1 program as your health coach can do this.
  • Make a comment in the Getting Healthy Again site to let us know you have completed the requirements.

Contest Prize

All contest entries will be put into a drawing to decide the winner. The drawing will be held Friday morning, July 19th. The winner of the contest will receive TWO FREE BOXES of meals. You can choose the meals, but we suggest trying the new smoothies!

Thank you for referring friends and family.

As Health Coaches, it is our mission to improve the health of Americans. When you refer friends and family it helps us expand our reach and accomplish our mission.