Heather Shultz

BA Bus Admin, MA Org Mgmt, BA Homeland Sec/Emergency Mgmt

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A little bit about me...

Heather is in the midst of major life changes. She has just moved back, with two giant dogs and one tiny cat, to Columbus, OH to care for an elderly relative and to get married next spring. She has recently begun working for an international sea food company, True World Foods, Inc. in their accounting/sales office. Yet, she has still managed to make the Dean's List last semester. Heather is pursuing another Bachelor's degree in Homeland Security/Emergency Management for two reasons: she has a deep interest in the subject since serving as a first responder on an emergency management team while living in Georgia and to be a bigger asset to her employer. Heather appreciates the wonderful opportunity that online education, especially with Ashford University, offers and is well aware that this system is not for everyone. It can be daunting to get acclimated to the online school structure and, as a mentor, she hopes that she can assist others increase their comfort level and confidence to be successful in their dream of higher education.