NCE Staff Newsletter

November 20, 2022

Remember- Our Students Have The Right To Be Here

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  • Math and Reading RTI/MTSS should be taking place 5 days a week, even amid teacher absences. This 30 minute block of time should be thoughtfully planned to address critical content needs, fill gaps in understanding, and extend learning for all students.

  • Staff breakfast & snacks for the day will take place on Monday, November 21st. Sign up sheets are in the mailbox room. If possible, start conferences after 9 to enjoy breakfast with coworkers.

  • See Ms. Ross if you have childcare concerns during conferences.

Parent Teacher Conference Info

All staff must work from the building during conferences.

During conferences, please collect the following information from each family:

  • Are you receiving the newsletter? If they say no, please collect an up to date email address.
  • Up to date phone numbers/contact information
  • Are you planning to attend the holiday dinner? How many tickets do you need?

Conference Schedules

Please see the teacher directly if the schedules you are looking for are not found here.

Translation Services for Conferences

Over the phone interpreting is available for all phone or face-to-face conferences.

1. Dial 1-800-771-6904.

2. Enter the pin: 59098729

3. Press 1 for Spanish, 2 for Haitian Creole, 0 for all other languages

Live Zoom Translations are also available, but NEED TO BE SCHEDULED.

1. Email to share the following information

- language

- date

- start time and duration of meeting

- zoom link

Fly Five Launch

We are going to spend a lot of time during the breaks in conferences preparing to ensure that everyone has access to Fly Five Materials.

It is our goal to have two lessons shared each week- remember, you don't have to follow a pacing guide or use the exact scripts. Lot's of teachers really liked the cards that come with the kits and talked about facilitating whole conversations from them.

To get started, please complete the SHORT Survey found below.

Kindergarten Survey

First Grade Survey

Second Grade Survey

Third Grade Survey

Fourth Grade Survey

Fifth Grade Survey

School Success Plan Updates

Culture Rock- Full Implementation of an SEL Curriculum

  • Unfortunately, we did not meet our 1st quarter Rock because the materials did not arrive when expected.
  • For the 2nd quarter, we will try again, with implementation beginning the week of November 28th.

ELA Rock- Phonemic Awareness in First Grade

  • We only missed this goal by 1 student! Our goal was for 51% of first graders who scored red on the phoneme segmentation assessment to increase proficiency levels. The result was 50%. We are very excited about this growth!
  • Goal for Quarter 2: By focusing on explicit phonics instruction, 51% percent of 1st grade students will either increase proficiency levels or maintain grade level proficiency on the DIBELS 8 Nonsense Word Fluency Assessment.

Performance Standard 5- Professionalism

During the TLF observations, we discuss Performance Standard's 1-4.

Performance Standard 5, Professionalism, is only discussed during the Summative Conversation.

The ratings and indicators can be found below. Please keep these in mind as we move through the remainder of the school year.

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Cycle 2 begins Monday, November 14 and runs through mid January.

Grades 1, 2, 4, 5 - In your mailbox are the following papers: homeroom details, group details, attendance sheet for Tier 2 & 3 teachers, and Progress Monitors for Tier 2 & 3 teachers.

Grades K & 3 - I will get your the above information when I return to work on Tuesday.

All Tier 2 & 3 will Progress Monitor students on 11/18, 12/9, 12/16, 1/2

All groups are up to date in DSC for Cycle 2, except 3rd grade. Please check your group and make sure everything is correct. Reach out to Kerrigan if you notice a discrepancy.

MTSS Groups

Attendance Sheet

MOY Benchmarking

It's almost time to begin making plans for MOY benchmarking. Please add this item to your PLC agenda within the next 2 weeks to discuss changes and the timeline.

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First Progress Monitoring for Cycle 2 is due today

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Progress Monitoring – all data must be entered in PSIEP and copy sent to parent/guardian by 11/17.

Evidence of data should also be entered in DSC using Related & Academic Services App.


2022-2023 One Stop Shop

This year’s One Stop Shop is now operational. Know that this is a living document, and we will continue to add information as it is finalized or becomes available.

11/13: Brenda Latchford & Jasmine Weatherington's Birthday

11/14: Samantha Redden's Birthday

11/17: Reading & Math Night 5-7 and Progress Monitoring Due

11/18: Spirit Day - Sports Day

11/21: Parent Teacher Conferences 8:35 - 7:35 pm

11/22: Parent Teacher Conferences 8:35 - 12:35pm

11/23 - 11/25: No School - Thanksgiving Break

11/25: Lizzie Brady's Birthday

11/28: Fall Picture Make Up Day

11/30: Committee Meetings