Marco Polo Project- Jackson Ogden

Marco Polo Amazing life!

Marco Polo early life

Marco polo was born in 1254 in Venice ,Italy.

Marco polo accomplishments

Marco polo had many of accomplishments. for example he traveled the "silk road" were he brought back goods to china. Also mastered 4 languages!!

Some facts and info about Marco Polo's life!

Some Really important things about his life

Captured,married, and more...

Marco polo was captured and thrown into a dungeon at the age of 44. in 1300 he got married. He and his wife had 3 kids. And he was a christian. And as i said earlier he traveled the silk road.

Late years of his life

Marco polo did die at 69 years old.

Fun Facts!

Marco polo first traveled to china at the age of 17. It took him 4 years to get there!! The Marco polo sheep is named after him. Marco stayed in China for 17 years! Marco's birthday is an unknown date but in September 1254. Until he traveled with his father he had never seen him.