Talking Pictures

What is Fotobabble?

Fotobabble is an app that allows you to create talking pictures. Simply upload a picture, record your audio and then save and share. It is quick and easy.

What do I need?

Go to the Fotobabble site and set up an account. It is free and only requires an email and a captcha to prove that you are human. A Fotobabble can be created on a computer with a microphone or on your iPhone or iPad. The app is really designed for phones but, of course, can be viewed full screen on your iPad as well.

How do I share my Fotobabble?

A Fotobabble can be shared from your i-device by logging into your Fotobabble account or through your Facebook or Twitter account and then uploading. Warning: our district blocks the Fotobabble server, so this can be an issue. Any Fotobabble shared from your device to your Fotobabble account will show up "in the cloud".

Your Fotobabble account not only allows you to create talking pictures on your computer, but it has greater sharing options as well by providing links, an embed code, or through various social sites.