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Discover several tricks that'll change your life forever!

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The 1st Deaf Internet Marketing Workshop

You will discover amazing techniques that will change how you see the Internet forever!

Join our revolution right now as we get the Deaf community in to create a Network of Deaf Niches!

This is what is missing in our community, we are getting bored online! We need an user engagement in our network of deaf niches NOW!

This training will unreveal to you how to turn your passion or hobby into a powerful and authoritative niche!

Don't miss this Free TRAINING WORKSHOP!

Internet Marketing Workshop

Sunday, Nov. 30th, 11am

38 Charterhouse St


The workshop doors will open at 11.00am and it will finish at 5.00pm but after that you will be able to network with other like-minded Deaf bloggers until late in the evening!

Here are a few reasons why you should seriously think about starting online TODAY!

  1. Internet Marketing is the future, if you don't get in now, you will regret it later!
  2. Believe it or not, there are people waiting online right now to grab what you have to offer...any niche!
  3. You only need ONE idea, passion or a hobby to turn it into a lucrative income stream for life!

Beware of this motto: You blink, you lose!

What will you discover and learn at the workshop?

  1. Watch me as I show you how to build and set up your blog in ONE hour!
  2. Arghhh can't write? - don't worry, discover how to get other people to write/film for you for FREE!
  3. An amazing trick will be reveal showing you how to get thousands of people to visit your blog at a click of a button...and this faithfully each and every week!
  4. You blog is your meal ticket to a carefree lifestyle! Discover several sneaking ways where you can make lots of money from your blog!

Remember if you act now, you will be the first to build those niche blog for the deaf community!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Who is Jackie Knight?

Jackie Knight has been considered by many who know her as one of the most well-known and leading DEAF Internet Marketer and Social Media Expert.

Don't worry if you will miss it!

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A relaxing and fun way to discover many jaw-dropping tips and tricks is guaranteed!