Cameron Lowery

what is black lives matter

  • it was a activist movement that was formed to campaign against racism
  • they fight because of the police brutality on African Americans
  • 1 black activist(Alicia Garza) started the movement on social media in July 2013
  • Alicia started it by putting a hash tag #blacklivesmatter

trayvon martin

  • he went to Sanford Florida to visit his dad
  • the night of his death he went to the nearby store to by some candy
  • then when he was walking home George Zimmerman began to follow him because he thought trayvon was acting suspicious
  • and Zimmerman said that trayvon attacked him from behind and beat him up and then he shot trayvon in self-defense
  • Zimmerman did not get arrested because in 2005 Florida had passed a law called "stand your ground" and that means if you shoot someone for self defense you cannot be charged
Trayvon Martin death: latest reconstruction (3/27/2012)

michael brown

  • Michael and his girlfriend were walking in the middle of the street blocking traffic
  • and a white police officer named Darren Wilson told him to move to the side walk
  • then some witnesses say brown attacked him in the cop car and then put his hands up to surrender then Darren shot Michael until he fell and died
  • later police found out that brown had just robbed a liquor store and a store cashier gave a cop a description of Michael
Michael Brown shooting: timeline