San Andreas

By: Hannah Payne and Nicholas Klein


  • The fault in California is known as the San Andreas Fault
  • The earthquake is possible and could happen at any time
  • There were a bunch of earthquakes following the larger earthquakes
  • Before the tsunami destroyed San Francisco, the water withdrew dramatically
  • There are a ton of fires in the aftermath of the quake
  • The rooftop pool in Downtown L.A. made some crazy waves during the quake
  • Downtown L.A. shook much worse than the Caltech campus area
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  • The boats would not have been able to travel over the tsunami and would have flipped than been crushed by the water
  • When the cargo ship dove into the tsunami it would have been turned on its side
  • The baseball stadium would have collapsed during the earthquake like the rest of the buildings in the city
  • A tsunami could not happen on the San Andreas fault and there could not be a tsunami big enough to go over the Golden Gate Bridge
  • From the air, you could see a massive seismic wave traveling across the ground.
  • According to many scientists, the shaking by sky scrapers portrayed in the film was far too rapid to be realistic
  • The San Andreas Fault could not break apart and form a massive chasm as you may have some minor openings form, but a fault like the San Andreas would never move apart because it is not a divergent fault
  • Two geologists travel to the Hoover Dam to monitor small earthquakes so that they can test their fancy new earthquake-prediction model but you could not study them in a power plant that is generating a remarkably large amount of electricity
  • People tend to run around during the earthquakes but if you look at videos people during an event like this they can’t move, they lie on the ground or they hold on to a table or a bar, and they just move with the earth as it moves
  • The largest earthquake on the San Andreas fault was a 7.9 so it not be possible to jump to 9.6