2014 fitness club for mumz.

Join our club for a one off payment of $80 for 12 weeks.

Join the best fitness club in the city!

2014 fitness club has to offer a great deal of advantages. Setting and achieving those important goals, changing your life style for the better, living a happy life, feeling comfortable with in your own skin, meeting new friends and there is much more benefits to look forward to that is just a short list of what we have to offer.

Sessions are every Monday to Thursday

Session times:

  • Monday 11.30am also 6.00pm classes
  • Tuesday 11.30am also 6.00pm classes
  • Wednesday 11.00am also 6.00pm classes
  • Thursday 11.00am also 6.00pm classes

Calendar sheet is provided after sign up process

STARTS 20/01/2013 contact me now! Via txt 02108316225 get $10 discount offer expires 15/01/2013

Guaranteed to be relaxing,fun,challenging,exciting and worth it

Frequently asked questions

What do you do?

Is it hard?

Will people look at me?

What training do we do?

We train with high and low intensity.

We cater to individual needs.

We try our best to make your training environment safe and not so public.

We help gain confidence that's part of one of many benefits.

Last but least we guide you through good and bad times what ever the circumstances we can come up with a solution together. Privacy is a must in our books no one should ever know your business.