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Collaboration on Monday, September 26th & Professional Development on Thursday, September 29th

Monday's Collaboration at 3:30
  • Identify class wide intervention
  • Genesee will bring the data and the Analysis to Action Forms

Thursday's PD at 7:30 AM

  • K-1 in The Commons: Phonemic Awareness and Phonics intervention video
  • 2-5 in the IMC: Fluency intervention video


September 26th-30th
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Monday, September 26th Cycle Day 1
  • Assembly 8:35am
  • CT Meeting 3:30pm (agenda below)

Tuesday, September 27th Cycle Day 2
  • Child Study 7:45am in room E8
  • BA 1:00pm
  • Lockdown Drill 2:00pm
  • Equity Meeting room C14 and rescheduled Leadership Meeting in the IMC at 3:30

Wednesday, September 28th Cycle Day 3
  • Fundraiser Orders are DUE
  • NUA workshop for cohort II
  • Conference Slips are sent home

Thursday, September 29th Cycle Day 4
  • Professional Development/PRESS at 7:30am (agenda below)
  • Staff can begin taking pictures at 7:45am (or earlier if photographers are ready)
  • Picture Day - in the COMMONS

Friday, September 30th Cycle Day 5
  • Fall DRA Window Closes 1-5
  • Fire Drill 1:30

Google Docs for Collaboration

How often do you fill these out? Weekly, at collaborative team meetings.
Who do you share the information with? Share with those who service students in your grade level. Please include vallafskeys@isd199.org and cooperq@isd199.org


Starting Monday September 26 classes can start earning positive merits when showing expected behavior in the cafeteria. The expected behavior can be found on the PBIS Behavior Matrix. After a class has received 20 positive merits (does not have to be consecutive) they can have lunch in the commons and watch a movie. Classes can win more than once. More information will be announced at the assembly on Monday.

Need a Volunteer?

I have 10 volunteers who I will be working to place by the end of Sept. some in each building based on volunteer requests. Some are Inver Hills students and others community members. If you have staff looking for volunteers, please have them complete the Request for Volunteers form, or email me the information relative to the form. It will help me match up volunteers with staff needs. Teacher request for volunteer click button below.


Anyone interested in tutoring a 5th grade student in both reading and math? Contact Sue

Need Technology Help?

    • Step 1: Ask a colleague
    • Step 2: Ask your building's media person
    • Step 3: Put in a ticket online: https://whd.isd199.org
    • Step 4: Email 199tech@isd199.org
    • Step 5: Call 7111 to reach someone in the Tech Department

Fire Drill - Nice Job Today!

Follow the emergency exit plan and evacuate the building immediately. Please close doors, but do not lock.
  • Classroom teachers will stay with their class of students and conduct a student head count. Bring a student roster. Teachers must notify the specified staff member (listed on the next slide) immediately if they have a missing student.
Any missing students must be reported.
•Mr. Cooper and/or Ms. Kroeze- playground
•Ms. Vallafskey and/orMs. Zaiser - South Exit
•Ms. Kapsch and/or Ms. Nicklay- East Parking Lot
•Ms. Beskar and/or Ms. Solario- Front parking lot

If their students are with a specialist (IMC/Music/PE) the classroom teacher will locate and go to that specialist to assist with supervision.

Special Education staff, Title I staff, or any other personnel with students in small groups shall evacuate the building and return students to their classroom teachers when they are outside.

Students who are in the hallways or bathrooms should evacuate the building with the nearest class and report to the nearest adult. That adult will arrange to have the students delivered to their classroom teacher.

Students and staff will be given the “all clear” to return to the building after all classes have reported to Administration.