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Gwin Eagles S.O.A.R. April 17, 2020

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Hello! Greetings From Gwin!

We hope that all of our families are safe and healthy!

Next week will be week 3 of distance learning assignments for students. We miss being with your children so much! We bet they are missing school nowadays. We thought we would share a few familiar things that may connect school and home a bit for our students. Check out the GES Broadcast News and the Distance Learning Announcements. We usually share these with our students at school. We hope they will enjoy seeing them at home!

Have a great weekend!

GES Broadcast News

Please share this edition of GES Broadcast News with your children!

From the HCS Mental Wellness Team

Why Taking Breaks Are Important

As school began again, it was probably great to get back to a somewhat normal school routine, but it may have also been a bit stressful. Taking breaks is an essential part of taking care of your mental and physical health. Even a five-minute break can decrease stress, restore motivation, increase productivity and creativity and can improve learning. Here are just a few ways to add a mental health break during or after your school day.

  • Begin a gratitude jar - every day write down one thing you are grateful for to fill the jar.

  • Be present and encourage your child to share their thoughts and talk through feelings.

  • Maintain your physical well being and take a break to cook a meal, exercise, and play.

  • Spend 2 - 3 minutes practicing deep breathing.

  • Encourage your child to maintain contact with their friends on an appropriate virtual platform.

  • Find an activity that encourages creativity: art, music, journaling, etc.


  • Play “Sound Search” - spend some time outside sitting still and identifying as many different sounds as possible.

  • Go “old school”, play cards, board games, dominoes or put together a puzzle.

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