Idependent Book Review

The Fall of Five


Pittacus Lore


After practically being destroyed at the battle of dulce the garde end up hiding in nines penthouse in chicago. There they try to come up with their next plan and are informed of a crop circle on the news. The six of them have no choice than to assume that it is last undiscovered garde, five. Without much planning John and Six quickly rush to the site of the crop circle in an attempt to beat the mogadorians to five. Once they arrived they soon found out that the mogadorians were there too. Six, John, and five are very clearly losing the battle when sam and his father arrive just in time to save their lives. Once Five and the others get back to chicago he informs them that his personal chest is in florida and there are much needed objects in them. Six, Marina, Nine, eight and Five go to the supposed location of his chest and learn something new about five in the worst way possible.

Character Info:

John- protagonist/one of the garde

Sam- protagonist/human

Six- protagonist/one of the garde

Sarah- protagonist/human

Nine- protagonist/one of the garde

Seven- protagonist/one of the garde

Ella- protagonist/the tenth garde that no one knew about until the previous book

Five- protagonist-antagonist/the newest discovered garde/betrays the others towards the end of the book

Adam- A young mogadorian that ran away from the mogadorian ways to help the garde.

The Mogadorians-antagonists/trying to kill all the garde and take earth over


The remaining garde or still trying to gather up all the strength and information they can in order to win the inevitable war against the Mogadorians that is now much closer than the last book.


A good theme for The Fall of Five would be that you should never give up because things keep going wrong for the garde but the push through them every time


I recommend this book because the writing in it is very understandable and it balances many different elements of writing very well