Is reincarnation real?

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Reincarnation is a belief that the soul survies after death and is reborn in the body of another person or some other living thing. (Fetzer,2006)
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Research question

How do families of a child that has believed to be reincarnated go about thee everyday life?


Is the philosophical or religious concept that the soul or sprit,after biological death,can begin a new life in a new body. Many christains regrad Jesus as a divine reincarnation,some christians and muslims believe that Jesus will come agian in the secound coming at the end of the world.(reincarnation,2016)

Sam Taylor,was a precious child he'd been speaking full sentences from the age of 18months.(Horn,2016)

James Leininger,The little Louisiana boy said that in his previous life his name was James Houston and that he'd flown off a ship name USS Natoma Bay.(Horn,2015)

Ryan would wake up screaming and crying saying "I have lived before!" and " i can't live in these conditions!" his glittering life in hollywood complete with a big house,a pool,and fast cars. (Horn,2016)


In recent decades, many Europeans the North American have developed an interest in reincarnation.(reincarnation,2016)

"When I was your age, I change your diapers," said the little boy (sam) Ron & Cathy ased sam, "how did you come back?" "I just want whoosh and came out a portal," he responed. Sam also said he had a sister that truned into a fish. "Who truned her into a fish?" "Some bad guys. She died." His parents asked how he died in his past life. Same jerked back and slapped the top of his head as if he was in horriable pain. One year before sam was born, his grandfather had died of a Cerebral Hemorrhage.(Horn,2016)

The boys parents first realize that James had these memories when he was two and woke up from a nightmare's frequently. He would yell "Airplane crash!Plane on fire! little man can't get out!"he also knew details about World War II aircraft that it would seem impossible for a toddler to know this. Once james mother Referred to an object on the bottom of a toy plane as a bomb,James corrected her by saying it was a drop tank. The family were watching a history channel documentary, and the narrator call the Japanese plane a zero. James insisted that it was a Tony. In both cases he was right.(Horn,2015)

"I lived before."in tears, he begged his mom to return to his living life in Hollywood he once said. "I can't live in these conditions my last home was much better."so his mother decide to go to the local library and get a bunch of books on old Hollywood. When they got in one book from a scene in 1932 movie called "Night After Night", he stopped her and said "mama" pointing out the actor who wasn't identified "that guy is me! The old me!" (Horn,2016)


The Buddhist concept of rebirth is also referred to as reincarnation and is a belief that was held by such historic figures. It is also a common believer of various ancient and modern Religions such as spritism,theosophy,and Eckankar and is found as well in many tribal societies around the world the entire universal process that gives rise to the cycle of death and rebirth,governed by karma, is referred to as Samsara. While the state one is born into,the individual process of being bored or coming into the world in anyway.(reincarnation,2016)

Sam was believed to be his deceased grandfather, Ron's late father, who retruned to his family. And the "bad guys" might be Lucifer.(Horn,2016)

Dr.Tucker believe's in The possibility of reincarnation, witch is different from saying believing in reincarnation, "he explains"i do think these cases require an exclamation that is out of the ordinary. (Horn,2015)

Ryan "was like alittle old man who couldn't remember all the details of his life. He was so frustrated and sad," Cyndi said. Nor Cyndi or her husband believed in reincarnation. (Horn,2016)

Most plausible theory

It always seems to be children that are the ages from 1 to 4 that are believed to be reincarnated because they start remembering the memories from the past life thereforein their present life they haven't made that many memories. But when they start getting older they forget about there past life and move on.