Are you worried about strangers approaching your child?

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What is READY?

The READY curriculum is a kids’ safety program created by Springfield, MO area martial artists designed to teach children ages 4-17 basic safety skills. The curriculum is based on five actions children should learn to stay safe: React, Evade, Alert, Defend & Yell. The program was started following the abduction and murder of Hailey Owens. The goal is to make sure that all children learn the basic skills needed to know how to react and defend themselves in potentially harmful situations.

About the READY Program

Each seminar is divided into 4-phases. At the beginning of each session the instructor(s) will say, “Are you READY?” And at the end of each seminar, after learning the basics of the READY program, the children will respond in unison, “I’m READY!” Organizers firmly believe in the power of repetition and encourage parents to reinforce the things
learned in the seminars by repeating them again at home. “We may only get one chance with these kids,” said Norm Lane. “We want to make that experience as informational and conducive to learning as possible in the time we have. But it is up to the parents to do the follow-up at home.” And with your help we can make it available to every
child through seminars, our website & an app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs READY?
Children of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds need to be “ready” to protect themselves. Those who will not or cannot commit to regular martial arts training are prime candidates for the program. The curriculum is divided into age-appropriate for children ages 4-6, 7-12, and 13-17.
When & Where are seminars?

Regularly scheduled seminars are held one Saturday a month at one of four martial arts schools in Springfield. Seminars may also be conducted on request for those schools and organizations who wish to have the program brought to their location. Seminars are 45 minutes in length for 4-6 year olds, and 60 minutes for groups ages 7-12 and 13-17. Locations are at 1712 E. Sunshine and 1317 W. Sunshine.

READY can be found at;

1712 E. Sunshine St, Springfield, MO, United States
1317 W. Sunshine St, Springfield, MO, United States