Food allergies

Be a PAL

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Be a PAL protect a life from food allergies

200 people die each year because of food allergies and anaphylaxis. If you bully or make jokes about food allergies, or get mad that you can’t have that certain thing around that person you are making a big mistake! It causes suicide and a huge huge loss of self confidence. I know what it can do to someone if anybody does any of those things to someone. Help this cause now by donating to FARE or just help somebody with allergies! Some of the symptoms are swollen lips, tight or itchy throat, rash or hives, swollen area of contact, vomiting, or sharp pain in stomach. It’s not fun!
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plan for action

  • don't make jokes!
  • find how to help
  • be a pal
  • help be safe around food allergy people