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April 2013

Melinda Baiza, Director

You are making a difference!

State testing has begun for many students and will continue to be in full swing through Spring. All the focused intentional planning and teaching has prepared our students for success. Remember state testing assesses student learning and because of you they are ready!

Your curriculum partner!

Melinda Baiza


I'm sure most of you have heard about the social media website Pinterest. Some use it for finding new recipes, or wardrobe style ideas, or even funny pictures of animals doing kooky things. But I'm here to advertise the website's use for helping us all become better, more organized and effective teachers.

Some think Pinterest will become addicting, and for some that might become the case. I know I am, but I think in a good way. We are all so busy and often do not have the time to "share" the teacher-y ideas we discover on the web, or for that matter, to remember where we found the idea again when we need it. Plus, Pinterest can connect us to a plethora of really great teaching ideas, strategies, center activities, STAAR tips, management tools, and even FREE stuff!

It's easy to join and free. You just need an email address.


If you want a quick tutorial on how to join or how to navigate the Pinterest website on your computer, iPad, or smart phone be sure to email me at lboyer@taylorisd.org and I'll be glad to drop by during your planning time or after school and get you started.

Be sure to follow me, too! (*If you search my name and then click "Pinners" you will see my picture.) Happy Pinning!~ Lucie Boyer

Need training? Got comp days to fill? Ask me about our Summer PD offerings!

Hi again TISD! As a quick update, I had a great time last week at THS and TOC creating English I and II EOC review flip books with the kiddos. They were really knowledgable about what to expect on the tests, and I'm certain they will do an awesome job on their Writing and Reading EOCs this week.

As we get closer to the finish line for this year, I know many of you are working on making summer professional development plans. And I'm certainly looking forward to spending some time with y'all (and learning from you too!) at the trainings I'll be facilitating including:

-Writing Workshops for Grades 3-5, 6-9, and 9-11

-CHAMPS training

-Vocabulary Development at the Secondary Level

-Rigor and Relevance

I'm also super excited about the TLI Institutes in Dallas and San Antonio.

While making plans, if you have any questions about trainings that have my name on them, or about the TLI Institutes in July, please shoot me an email or give me a call.

Happy Planning!

~Johna Underwood

Bloomin' Apps

The iPad can be a fun tool for teachers and students, but it's important that we go beyond the fun and make a real difference in educating students. Take a look at this nice collection of apps that Kathy Schrock has put together based on Bloom's Revised Taxonomy. See how you can transform instruction in your class.


Don't forget! Register for Summer PD

Classes are filling up already. Don't forget to login to Eduphoria Workshop and select 2013 Summer Staff Development and browse for a workshop. Simply select the workshop and then click the Register button. Register Today! (How to Register Video)

More details: http://sd.taylorisd.schoolfusion.us

Got GPS?

Having trouble navigating through piles of student information? Let the Student GPS Dashboards help make your searching tasks simple. I can visit and help you one on one, or I can create a short training on already suggested topics, such as: How to Use the Student GPS Dashboards to Monitor Attendance and Truancy, Plan an Intervention, Facilitate Student Goal Setting, or Plan for Campus Improvement. I can also create a brief training specialized to your needs.

Contact Nicole Purser at npurser@taylorisd.org or (512) 352-6361 ext. 4340, for help.

Happy Spring!

Nicole Purser

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