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Hometown Heroes

Sensory deprivation tanks are an extremely useful tool that can aid in the development of one's health, mental, and spiritual well-being. They have been around since the 1950's and many of their benefits are still unrealized by the mainstream medical and therapeutic industries.

So what exactly are sensory deprivation tanks? They are a light-proof, sound-proof tank filled with 10 inches of water. The water and air inside the tank is heated to the temperature of an individuals skin. The water is filled with around 950 pounds of Epson salt to allow the individuals body to float inside the tank.

I visited Flowt K-W for my first float experience at the beginning of 2016 and I really enjoyed the experience. I now realize the unlimited applications this has in the medical and therapeutic communities.

I owe the great experience I received at Flowt K-W to the owners and operators, father and son team, Mark and Alex Okkema. They provide quality service with quality products that make for a lasting impression. The Okkema's have successfully found a way to forge their passion for the technology and it's potential into a successful, revolutionary business that is advancing the public perspective of this powerful technology.

It is great to see local entrepreneurs taking a risk in a new industry and reaching great success as they move forward.

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What's Happening This Month?

Starter Company Info- Kitchener March 29

Join the Waterloo Region Small Business Centre for an information session on how to start, expand, or purchase a business.

The event is free and is open to individuals aged 18-29 who are not enrolled in school.

March 29th from 2:00 pm - 3:00pm

For more info about the event and how to register, follow the link below

Good to Know: Take Note

Ottawa Announces $8M Fund for Agri-Business in Guelph, Wellington County

A newly announced multi million dollar fund to help agriculture and agri-food technology entrepreneurs in Guelph and Wellington County is dedicated to help growing their businesses.

About $4.84 million for the fund will be provided by the federal government, where as the remaining $3.3 million will be fronted by the private sector. The funding is a joint venture between the federal government, the not-for-profit business accellorator Bioenterprise Corporation, and Innovation Guelph. Innovation Guelph is an organization which helps entrepreneurs get started.

The fund will work to provide seed money, access to industry experts, and business coaching to entrepreneurs in the early stages of launching a business.

Read more on this by following the link

Tools to Grow Your Business

Weebly Carbon

If you haven't already heard of Weebly, a DIY platform that allows users to build their own websites, then you have now.

The online website-building platform provider has now launched a new platform for users. If the original website-building platform wasn't useful enough for entrepreneurs looking to build and grow their brand and network, then the new platform, Weebly Carbon, has taken things to a new level.

Weebly Carbon allows business owners to create, develop, and expand their ecommerce store or other business. The platform allows business owners to do all of this using any device, including smartphones and tablets.

It is becoming easier now for small business owners to connect with consumers, and Weebly Carbon is just the beginning.

What's the Trend Folks?

Industries That are Hot Right Now!

So you know you want to start and grow your own business. You want to be your own boss. But you have no idea what kind of business you want to start.

I would first start by saying you should create a business to do with something you are passionate about. But if you'd rather just keep your passion what it is: a passion, and you just want to go where the money is, take a look at some trends in the small business world and investigate what industries are beginning to take off right now.

In the article published on the online magazine, Entrepreneur, entitled "Hunting for Business Ideas? Consider Looking at These 8 Hot Industries", writer Catherine Clifford lists these 8 industries that are showing great growth potential:

  • Social network game development
  • Online shoe sales
  • TV and home theater installation services
  • Virtual data rooms
  • Online travel agencies
  • Translation services
  • IT security consulting
  • Digital forensic services

Read over the article and do some more research and you just may find a new passion; one that you can make a living off of!

Visit the site and read over the article

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