K-C Weekly News

February 12, 2016

What you really need to know

Your children are on vacation from school until Monday, February 22. Could this be an opportunity to clean out their backpacks and red folders and log on to Kids A-Z (formerly Raz Kids) for some reading practice?? You decide.

Please send gloves/mittens to school every day.

Thanks to all for your energetic participation in our food pantry drive, valentine making, 100th day projects and Jumprope for the Heart sponsorships. Your support is truly appreciated. Please continue to help your children with their sight word homework. New word cards for can and go were sent home in backpacks today. THANK YOU!!

Mark your calendar.

2/15-19 School closed for February Break.

2/26 - Next sight word homework pages due.

3/1 - NO AM Kindergarten, Delayed opening

3/25 - NO SCHOOL Good Friday

3/31 - Early Release at 12:15

What we've been up to.

  • We counted lots and lots of things for the 100th day of school. We made gumball machines with 100 gumballs, ice cream cones with 100 scoops, and crowns 10 commemorate the day. We also figured out that a jar with 100 drops of water does not look as full as we expected it would.
  • For Valentine's Day, we decorated goody bags, delivered sweet notes to each other, and made something special for YOU (look in your child's backpack).
  • We made some awesome Chinese Dragon's to celebrate Lunar New Year. Do you know which animal represents 2016?
  • Our All About Me books are complete. As writers, everyone has achieved a tremendous amount of growth. Our next Writer's Workshop focus will be on investigating and creating non-fiction texts.
  • We saw an amazing storyteller, Len Cabral, at our assembly on Friday. Ask your student to tell you about the Gunnywolf or Anansi and the dog without horns. Len also introduced us to some poetry and encouraged children to go home and draw some of the pictures that popped into their heads while listening to his tall tales.
  • We participated in Jumprope for the Heart. Many students learned to jump rope right before my eyes. There is really nothing they can't do :)

Links of the week.

Try Super Connect the Dots (choose to skip count by 1, 2, 5, or 10)


Celebrate Presidents day by viewing President Lincoln's Biography. Take the follow up quiz to see how much you learned.


Practice counting coins with this fun game. Please choose just pennies or just dimes to start the game. Then target your coins over the floating fruit with the correct amount posted on it. Good luck!


Just for fun - Build a Snowman!


The things kids say. For real.

After introducing his story about a dog who made himself a special headband so he would look as if he had horns...

Len Cabral (storyteller): Help me think of animals that have horns.

Student 1: A goat!

Student 2: A bull!

Student 3: A unicorn!

Student 4: A dog!

Len Cabral: Well, in this particular story, we're going to say YES!

Was Mr. Cabral a kindergarten teacher in a previous life?