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Message from Mrs. Lisa TeBockhorst

Dear Weber Families:

Greetings! It is with great pleasure that I am writing to all of you. My name is Lisa TeBockhorst; I am the half-time principal at Hills Elementary and will join the Weber staff as a half time assistant principal for the remainder 2014-2015 school year. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you and working together to provide children with a positive educational experience.

My background in education has been built through 23 years of working with students, families, staff and community partners. I have worked as a classroom teacher, Title I teacher, instructional coach, and an elementary principal in the Cedar Rapids Community School District. This is my third year in the Iowa City Community School District; each year I have served as the principal at Hills Elementary while also fulfilling various roles in the district. This year I have assisted at Grant Wood Elementary and now have the privilege to assist at Weber. I am grateful that I will be a part of this community.

On a personal note, I love to spend time with family and friends. My husband, Larry, and I have four children – ages 23, 22, 14 and 11. We live out in the country near Kalona, Iowa. I am a huge Iowa Hawkeye fan and enjoy many sports, cooking, and gardening.

Please feel free to stop by Weber Elementary; I would love to meet you! I will be working at Weber on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Wednesday and Friday afternoons. You can also email at any time at:


Lisa Ann TeBockhorst

Hills Elementary ~ Principal

Weber Elementary ~ Assistant Principal


Weber Dolphins celebrated Dr. King, his dreams and perseverance, by reading books about him, doing Smartboard activities and discussing his life and accomplishments. Check out the Weber I have a dream stars, inspired by Dr. King, in the entrance of school!

Weber's Media Corner - Notes from Mrs. Dickson

Kindergarten: Students are getting ready to make a Digital Alphabet book with the program KidPix in the computer lab. We have been reading alphabet books like Matthew’s ABCs by Peter Catalanato, and the brand new, Once Upon and Alphabet by Oliver Jeffers.

First and Second: In preparation for a digital picture for their Balls/Ramps and Balance/Motion units, we are continuing to use KidPix in the lab and they are LOVING it!

Third: Kidspiration (a digital graphic organizer of words, webs, diagrams and images), is being introduced during Media with a sample Web, All About You. Next week, students will make a Kidspiration web about an endangered animal they will research.

Fourth: Students continue to work on their State Digital Collages in Powerpoint. They are researching their states, finding images, saving them to the school computer network and learning about Powerpoint.

Fifth and sixth: Students have been listening to two Iowa Children’s Choice Books for the past few weeks (5th – Hisss! And 6th – Hold Fast), but we will take and break this week to move into the lab to practice some Microsoft Word tricks. They will become Keyboard Ninjas, learning Word shortcuts!

2014-2015 Last Chance to Order Weber Dolphin Yearbook

January 28th, 2015 is the last date to order your yearbook. The cost is $10.00 for each yearbook ordered. Please turn in your order form and money to the office.

Thank you!

Weber PTA

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Weber's Spring Carnival

Saturday, March 7th, 4-7pm

3850 Rohret Rd

Iowa City, IA

Junior Achievement Volunteers Needed

Starting in April, the first grade classrooms at Weber Elementary will be participating with Junior Achievement. JA programs focus on financial literacy and work readiness concepts through hands on activities that are engaging and a lot of fun! All programs are taught by volunteers, in partnership with the classroom teacher, using prepared lesson plans and materials provided by Junior Achievement. Most classes meet for 30-45 minutes once a week for five weeks, but scheduling is usually flexible.

The following first grade classrooms still need JA volunteers this spring, starting mid-late April:

Ferrel, Galligan, and Williamson

Please see the attached document for information about volunteering for JA. If you are interested or have any questions, please email Val Calderwood @

Val Calderwood

Education Manager, Iowa City Area

PO Box 331

North Liberty, IA 52317-0331
319.530.2756 office | 319-862-1104 fax

Junior Achievement: empowering young people to own their economic success.

Weather Tips/District Policy Reminders for Our Winter Months Ahead!!

Parking Lot Car Pick Up Procedures

As we get in to our "busy" season with car pick up and drop off, please read through the Weber Car Pick Up procedures below:

1. Children must be dropped off curbside: Please do not drop off your children in the parking lot area or in the passing lane of the circle drive so small children do not come across the oncoming traffic.

2. Pull all the way up past the crosswalk: Pull up to the end of the sidewalk when letting children off for school.

3. Wait to drop off your children: Children should be dropped off right after the crosswalk (white stripped lines nearest to the front door). This will create better flow and access in dropping off children.

4. Safety first, give yourself a little more time as we come into winter:

As the weather changes more parents will be dropping off and picking up students making the area more congested. So please try to drop off your students a few minutes earlier than normal.

*Also, Please take extra caution and drive slower through Wild Prairie Drive and Goldenrod Drive when approaching crosswalks.

Virtual Backpack

Check out our Virtual Backpack for events and opportunities in our community for families to enjoy. Each week we upload new flyers. Bookmark the page and visit it each week.

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