Mrs. Bitz & Miss. Meisner's News

January 8th 2016


In reading this week we have been learning some awesome strategies for reading comprehension tests. These strategies involve chunking the text into smaller sections and making "grocery signs". The grocery sign analogy is to help the students understand that they just need to jot down the main idea of each section. The questions in a reading passage are like a grocery list, they tell us what we need (or what we are looking for). Then we use the grocery signs to find what we need(the answer). I think this analogy makes sense to second graders and they tend to use the strategies more often, which in turn benefits them directly when they go to answer the questions! We will continue using and practicing these strategies next week to prepare for our upcoming reading DPM test on the 20th and 21st of this month.

Cookie Decorating Fun!


Due 1.15.2016

DMH 14

Science Homework 3-5

Study Week 8 Spelling Words


Writing DPM- 1.12.16 AND 1.13.16

Revising and Editing DPM 1.14.16

Reading DPM 1.20.16 AND 1.21.16

These tests provide important benchmark information for reading and language arts. Please try to ensure your son/ daughters attendance on those days and please refrain from taking them out of school barring and serious illness. Thank you so much for your cooperation! - Miss Meisner


Happy New Year! I can't believe that we are in the month of January. I hope all of you had the opportunity to spend some time with all of your family and friends during the holiday season. In Math this week we continued to count money. Students worked on a packet in small groups. Here is a cute website to help count money:

Next week we will start 3-digit addition without regrouping. After students have been introduced to 3-digit addition without regrouping, we will start 3-digit addition with regrouping. If your child is still struggling with 2-digit addition/subtraction, please continue to review this at home as well as work on addition facts. Math homework is DMH #14.

Holiday Fun with Mrs. Ross's Kinder Class!


In Science this week, we have discussed weather, and the water cycle. We also talked about being prepared in case there is dangerous weather such as a hurricane. Some of your children may have already talked with you about having a disaster kit. Students have not completed the weather booklet yet. We will complete the rest of it next week.

Today, your child will be taking home a Science homework booklet. Science homework will be assigned on Fridays, and it is due the following Friday. Please note that we are very limited on Science homework booklets. If your child accidentally loses it, a xerox copy will be provided. This week's homework assignment in Science is to complete pp. 3-5 (part 3, week 1). Please encourage your child to use their study guide for help. I hope that all of you have an amazing weekend!

Language Arts

This week in language arts we started out Fiction Writing unit where we FINALLY get to make up stories. We talked about how we are writing Realistic Fiction stories and that means that what happens in them COULD happen in life. Students learned that fiction stories usually have some kind of character who wants something but encounters a problem, then the character has some kind of resolution. We read several Kevin Henkes stories and talked about how even though the characters are mice, what happens in his stories could happen to us! We will take a break from this unit a few days next week to do our Writing DPM.


Next week Tuesday and Wednesday we will be working on our DPM test for writing. This will be to write a personal narrative story like we have done so many times in the past. We are going to review personal narratives Monday to help prepare them for Tuesday and Wednesday. If you have any questions please let me know.

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