JTH Law Firm

Civil Law Suits Experts

Step 1

Hire us (John T. Hoggard Law Firm) and we will file the compliant with the proper court. The complaint is a formal statement naming you the plaintiff and the defendent. It also describes the lawsuit.

Step 2

The Court than sends a summons to the defendant telling them of the civil suit against them. It also tells them to appear in court on a certain day and time.

Step 2 B.

The defendant may respond to charges by hiring own attorney to answer the complaint. A plead or formal statement for the dense is made. Depending on strength of case, a settlement could be offered.

Step 3

The Judge might hold a pretrial discussions where both parties help clarify differences and prepare for trial. Mediation and arbitration are also possible. A settle is also possible at this stage.

Step 4

If parties do not reach a settlement, the case goes to trial. Here either 6-12 people on a jury or a Judge hears the case.
a. The plaintiff presents first followed by the defendant
b. Afterwards, both sides summarize
c. Next, the Judge or Jury decides.

Step 5

The verdict or decision is handed down. If plaintiff wins, the defendant could pay court fees. If defenant wins, the plaintiff could pay court fees.

Step 6

If either party feels the verdict was incorrect or trail was unfair, an appeal is possible. Based upon the preponderance of evidence, it is possible that a higher court may reverse the earlier decision.