Jackson's Weekly Staff Newsletter



20 No School - MLK Jr. Day


BLT Meeting 7:30



First Semester Ends

Staff Potluck

Two Hour Early Release Day K-12

24 No School - Teacher Planning Day

25 Optional 3rd Grade to sing National Anthem at Varsity hockey game/12:00


28 Prof Dev/Gifford Cluster 7:30

31 I-Team Meeting 7:30

Doughnuts with the Principal 8:35

4th Grade Assembly 8:35-9

Kid's Dance 5:30-7:30


3 Send Report Cards Home

PBIS Meeting, 7:35

4 BLT Meeting, 7:30

4th Grade Field Trip to HS/Jack Brass Band 10:30-11:15

Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:15-7:00

6 Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:15-7:00

Optional: 3rd Graders to sing at Varsity wrestling match/7:00

7 I-Team Meeting 7:30

10 Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:15-7:00

11 Staff Meeting (Gifford Cluster) 7:30

12 Kindergarten Field Trip to Stages Theater 9:00-11:15

13 Valentine's Day Party

O'Brien Dental presenting to 2nd Grade 10:00-11:00

14 NO SCHOOL (Staff Development Day)

17 NO SCHOOL (President's Day)

18 BLT Meeting, 7:30

Field Trip for 4th Grade to Mill City Museum 8:50-2:00

PTO Meeting (Parents/Board/GRANTS) 6:30-8:00p

19 PBIS Meeting 2:30

21 I-Team Meeting 7:30

1st Grade Music Program 2:00

25 Prof Dev (Gifford Cluster) 7:30

No Activities Scheduled 6:00-8:00 (Ok for Marcos per Kevin)

24-26 Marco Fundraiser Nights

26 Peaceful Bus 9:15-10

27 5th Grade Field Trip to The Ordway 11:00-1:30

28 I-Team Meeting 7:30

Doughnuts with the Principal 8:35

4th Grade Assembly 8:35-9:00


2 PBIS Meeting 7:35

3 BLT Meeting 7:30

No Activities Scheduled 6:00-8:00

6 I-Team Meeting 7:30

All School Movie Night 6:00-8:00

9 PTO Meeting (Board Only) 6:30-8:00

10 Staff Meeting 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)

No Activities Scheduled 6:00-8:00

13 I-Team Meeting 7:30

Kindergarten Music Program 2:00

17 BLT Meeting 7:30

18 3rd Grade Field Trip to Orchestra Hall 10:30-12:30

PBIS Meeting 2:30

20 I-Team Meeting 7:30

21 All District Band Concert at the High School 4:00

24 Professional Development 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)

25 Doughnuts withe Principal 8:35

4th Grade Assembly 8:35-9:00

26 3rd Quarter Ends

Staff Potluck

Two Hour Early Release Day

27 NO SCHOOL - Teacher Planning Day

30-31 NO SCHOOL - Spring Break


1-3 NO SCHOOL - Spring Break

6 PBIS Meeting 7:35

All School Bingo 2:00-2:45

7 BLT Meeting 7:30

8 Spring Picture Day (only those who bring forms in)

10 I-Team Meeting 7:30

13 Send Report Cards Home

PTO Meeting (Parent/Board/Grants/Voting) 6:30-8:00

14 Staff Meeting 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)

15 PBIS Meeting 2:30

17 I-Team Meeting 7:30

4th Grade Music Program 2:00

21 BLT Meeting 7:30

23 Kindergarten Round-Up Night 5:00-6:30

24 I-Team Meeting 7:30

28 Professional Development 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)

Kindergarten Round-Up 5:00-6:30

30 Doughnuts with the Principal 8:35


1 NO SCHOOL (Staff Development Day)

4 PBIS Meeting 7:35

4-8 Staff Appreciation Day

5 BLT Meeting 7:30

7 Literacy and Beyond Night 5:00-7:00

8 I-Team Meeting 7:30

4th Grade Assembly 8:35-9:00

10 Twins Game 1:10/PTO Event (Kansas City Royals)

11 PTO Meeting (Board ONLY) 6:30-8:00

5th Grade Music Program 6:30

12 Staff Meeting 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)

15 I-Team Meeting 7:30

18 1st Grade Track and Field

19 BLT Meeting 7:30

2nd Grade Track and Field

20 PBIS Meeting 2:30

3rd Grade Track and Field

All School Assembly (TBD)

21 4th Grade Track and Field

22 I-Team Meeting 7:30

5th Grade Track and Field

25 NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day)

26 Professional Development 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)

27 All School Assembly (tentative time 2:00)

29 I-Team Meeting 7:30

Doughnuts with the Principal 8:35

1st Grade Field Trip to the MN Zoo 8:35-2:40


1 PBIS Meeting 7:35

2 BLT Meeting 7:30

Yearbook Signing 2:15-2:45

3 4th Grade Assembly 8:35-9:00

All School Picnic

Talent Show 1:30

4 Last day of School

5 Teacher Work Day

6 Graduation

15 Send Report Cards Home



*4th Grade Staff: Thank you for the wonderful breakfast this morning. You guys are our number #1 Staff, Gourmet Chefs, and #1 in our hearts. ❤ P.E.

*EVERYONE....THANK YOU for all your love and support during a hard time in life, I am so thankful for this Jackson Family!

*Thank you, Kim Hackel for taking two district rep meetings in one week!!

*Thank you, Stephanie Blad for all your words of wisdom- I so enjoy chatting with you about life!

*Thank you, 4th grade for a delightful breakfast and always so many smiles and laughs!

*Thanks you Luci for you sharp math skills on Wednesday.

*Thanks Hengel for getting science materials ready.

*Thanks Leonard for getting the paper products and always making me laugh.

*Thanks Boumeester for picking up coffee and running all the math copies.

*Thanks Anglin for keeping quarterly layout up to date.

*Thanks Jeff Casey for always making me laugh when I come down to gym.

*Thank you to John for collecting paper towel tubes and cardboard boxes for my Young Scholar lessons!

*Thank you Kaitlin for taking my students Tuesday morning while I had an appointment!

*Char, Erica, Heather, Trudy, Angela, and Ben – THANK YOU for inviting the SHS reading students into your classes. It was such positive experience for them to share their work and interact with young students.

*Char – LOVE how you are constantly looking for new ways to do things in your classroom. I appreciate it when you share your ideas with me too. I love learning from you.

*Jeff Triest – Thanks for jumping into Canvas with me. I appreciate your time, expertise, and openness. Excited to lighten your load in data analysis and grading when we are all (eventually ) wrapped up.

*4th grade team – You put on a huge breakfast spread! Thanks for feeding the staff. Much appreciated.

*Wendy – Thank you for always interacting with our small children in positive and loving ways. You hear a lot of stories and are always so gracious with your attention.

**Thank you, I-team members, for working so hard to get students the support they need. I appreciate it!

*Thank you, Pete, for checking in, sending updates and making sure things are going well for fast testing. I appreciate it!

*Thank you, EL teachers, for working so well and so closely with our grade level as we need to make adjustments to schedules. We appreciate you!

*Thank you, Kathy and Wendy, for the quick and timely updates to the after school program roster. I appreciate it!

*Pete – thank you for checking on all of us during testing!

*Thank you for all of the support and understanding, especially this past week, from this amazing Jackson Staff.:)

*Thank you 4th Grade for the great breakfast.

*Thank you 3rd Grade team!

*Natalie-thank you for the soup.

*Lexie thank you for the Caribou.

*Kevin thank you for taking my eclectic group of cherubs.

*Bristol thank you for the communication about support for our classrooms.

*Thank you, Amy Rutter for being a listening ear! You are such a great friend!

*Thank you, fourth grade for the amazing breakfast and joy you bring to our school! I walk by and there is always laughter!

*Thank you, Lori for the vitamins when I was here fighting a bad cold! That was helpful!

*Thank you, fifth grade for including me in your meeting for tier time on short notice!

**Thanks Anne and Diane for your continued flexibility.

*Thanks Kaitlin for taking pictures!

*Thanks Alex and Megan for sharing support!

*Thanks Wendy P. for printing the book for me; even though it wasn’t perfect, it works perfect.

*Thanks Boumeester for sharing reading and math resources for our shared friend

*Thank you to Megan Henke for sending me the google doc link, so that I could quickly update sub plans!

*Alex Fischer, I appreciate all the guidance and support you’ve given me these last couple of weeks while working with a new student in my schedule!

*Thank you to the kindergarten, first, and second grade teachers for their understanding with the upcoming ESL schedule changes.

*Ms. Belle, it’s so good to have you on our team at Jackson!!

*Thank you for your willingness to hear our MANY questions and concerns, Ms. Johansson! I appreciate your expertise and support!

*Thank you, Wendy, for your help with Frontline!

*Shout out to Ms. Schnorr for your hard work in 2nd grade! Your efforts and care do not go unnoticed.

*Thank You Sandy B for giving me some books to use with a student who is struggling with reading!

*Thank you First Grade for all your hard work teaching your Tier students. I am noticing a huge difference in our students!

*Thank you Erica and Heather for organizing volunteers to tie-dye our T-shirts.

*Thank you Natalie for helping me trouble shoot Epic and Seesaw!

*Thank you Chris W. for helping me get some QR codes working.

*Thank you Jane for ordering our tie-dye items

*Thank you Erica for taking my class so we could get shirts soaked for Tie-dying

*Mandy-Thank you for the use of your mason jars and lids. My students used the jars for an experiment.

*Thanks to Natalie for taking my class while I was at a meeting.

*Thanks, Kristen, for getting a plate of strawberries and a muffin for me the other day. I appreciate it!

*Thanks to the 4th grade team for hosting breakfast…it was delicious!

*Thanks to Jane for setting up the tie dye kits for first grade! So nice not to have to worry about it.

*Thank you John for turning the heat up in my classroom. It is nice a cozy.

*A million THANKS to Becca and Kim for their incredibly fast turn-around on a form I was negligent about send out earlier. I appreciate you!!

*Thanks, Andrea, for helping me cover the front.



Epic! Reading App

Love it when we all learn together. :-)

I was talking with a 1st grade teacher this week, and we were trying to figure out why some of her students in tier time could search by DRA level in Epic! and others could not.

After some digging, we figured out that there is a new setting on the teacher dashboard that allows you to add the reading leveling system that you use to your class.

Once set-up on your dashboard, students will be able to search for books by DRA level in EPIC! so they can independently reading at the correct level.

Want to watch a tutorial video on how to set this up? Click here.


1/21 Matt Malaske

1/22 Emily Adams

1/24 Sari Flatness

2/2 Natalie Weatherman

2/8 Steph Masloski

2/12 Tim Olene

2/15 Danielle Bauman

2/18 Becca Kay-Lewis

2/19 Amanda Lymangood

2/21 Kristi Boumeester

2/21 Barb Weierke

2/26 Mel Altonen

2/26 Sue Tanberg

2/28 Katie Beckrich

3/1 Mandy Knutson

3/4 Kaitlin Wermerskirchen

3/17 Mary Ellen Sandberg

3/22 Dena Gregor

3/25 Becky Keller

3/26 Amy Scott

3/26 Ben Thies

3/31 Krissy Luce

4/2 Sarah Reiersgord

4/4 Wendy Derhaag

4/5 Belle LaBarre

4/5 Jen Ulrich

4/6 Lori Proehl

4/8 Faye Hames

4/11 Jen Klecker

4/13 Barbi Studtmann

4/18 Heather Broden

4/18 Tammy Haugen

4/23 Tammy Youngvorst

4/25 Kristen Hengel

4/25 Kira Johanson

4/27 Heather Balk

4/27 Bill Folz