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Letter from the Principal

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Full Remote Schedules

7th grade

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8th grade

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7th grade Science

This week in science the students got a chance to dissect owl pellets. It's amazing how the digestive systems work. Also, lessons like these are another great reason why it's important to come to school so you don't miss these fun activities!

7th and 8th grade ELA

In 7th and 8th grade, students are getting in the holiday spirit by creating seasonal sentences using comma rules and various verb moods!
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Virtual After-School Program Important Information

Starting immediately, the Afterschool program will switch to a virtual format. The zoom link specific to Upper Adams Middle School is meeting ID 717 321 4525 . Students can log on from 3:30 pm- 6:30pm, Monday- Thursday.

Counselor's Corner

Who else is ready for 2020 to end?! Can you believe it's almost done, though?! What.A.YEAR! While we are not out of the woods yet, I am still so pleased that we have been able to pretty much keep in-person learning going as long as it has. I truly believe that the best learning takes place in the classroom, and I have a feeling that most of the students would agree with me, too. Regardless, I am proud of all the students who are putting forth their best effort in this challenging format. As Albert Einstein once said, "The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” Think of how much smarter everyone is going to be after all the adaptations we've made!

One of the biggest adaptations I've had this year has been working with the new career curriculum. Typically the students would spend a lot of time in my 7th grade Skills for Adolescence class on their career exploration, but with everything else, I've had to greatly modify what I was doing, or would like to be doing, in a normal setting. While the new curriculum is designed for students to do the lessons on their own, I'm finding it is still crucial for me to guide them through the various units of career clusters, linking interests to careers, goal-setting, etc. The main task for my class is to complete a career research activity where they will be able to name at least 2 careers they show interest in, tasks associated with the job, training or education needed, and what the average wages are like.

In 8th grade, I will soon be taking over cannerventions! Since the 8th graders did not get these lessons in 7th grade, I will be coming in for some mini-sessions to get them caught up to speed. 8th grade will be working towards finalizing their career and academic plans, which is a requirement for all 8th graders in the state of PA. But don't fret! That's where I come in! We will work together on what your plan will be for HS, and in the spring the HS counselor will meet with all 8th grade students to go over the HS class registration process. If this year has taught us anything, it's that time goes by quickly. It's never too early to start making your plans!

Kim Jenkins

UAMS Counselor