The Walking Dead's character who is most likely to survive

A Resourceful Survivor

Daryl's instinctive characteristics and lifestyle prior to the outbreak make him the most likely to survive The Walking Dead. Through seasons 1 through 4 of this television series Daryl has proven himself as a necessary character for his group's survival. The bad boy lifestyle that he epitomized through roughness, solitude and his 'go with the flow' attitude pre-existing to the outbreak allows him to be decisive in moments of need or helplessness in his present apocalyptic world. Rick and the gang have been able to survive as they depend on Daryl's hunting and survival skills. The group is not only better fed with Daryl around but also safer as he has the ability to hone in on the environment that surrounds them thus luring them away from danger. With or without the leadership of Rick Grimes or the camaraderie of the others, Daryl would survive due to his abilities to outlive his environment.

The Cavalry: