D-Day Invasion


June 6, 1944

The attack on Nazi, Germany soldiers in Normandy was being planned by the Allies for two years prior to the attack. Normandy was attacked by sea, land, and air. It is said that the invasion would not have taken place without air power.

Goals of D-day

The allied powers attacked Normandy to liberate the Nazi power in World War 2. The Allies first worked in France to get rid of the Nazi power there. They then prepared to enter Germany. The allied powers were victorious.


George S. Patton- Patton was a United States Army General. Patton is sadly not as well known for his amazing General work in WW2, but for his controversial words he said about the Soviet Union.

Dwight D. Eisenhower- Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in WW2. Eisenhower launched Operation Overload. Eisenhower then became the president of the U.S


The Allies attacked Normandy
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The allied powers went for a successful counter attack. The allied powers did an air attack, a land attack, and a sea attack against Normandy.