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England is in northwest Europe and it's part of the united kingdom.England is the largest country in great Britain.Nearly 84% of the population of the UK lives in England, mainly in the major cities and metropolitan areas. England is only 35 km from France and is now linked by a tunnel under the English Channel. The south of England is mostly low-lying land, with hills and agricultural land and the north of England is mostly covered in moorland and mountains. There many facts about England. England is 74 times smaller than the United states!

England imformation


England Education is overseen by the United Kingdom Department for education.

The education system is divided into stages based upon age:

Early years foundation stage (ages 3-5)

Primary education (ages 5-11)

Secondary education (ages 11-18)

Tertiary education (ages 18+)

England Government

The England form of government is A constitutional monarchy, witch combines a monarch head of state with a parliamentary system. The queen of England has many and is officially the head of state but she has little political power or influence. The true influence and power in the England form of government comes from the prime minister and the Parliament.

Famous foods


Fish and Chips is a deep fried cod and comes with chips (fries). Onion rings might come as a side dish.

English breakfast consists of eggs, bacon, sausages, backed beans, mushrooms, black pudding and fried bread. The black pudding is made from dried pig blood and fat.

Bangers and Mash- Bangers are sausages in England and they are served with mashed potatoes.


Tourism is one of the most significant sectors in England with more than a million tourists every year. It employs more than 2 million people with London being the largest tourist destination. Services such as insurance, banking and business services have played a major role in also contributing to England gross domestic product.

Capital city

The capital city is London. The population of London is 12 million of people, making it the largest city in Europe.


English is the main language spoke in England.

Some of the famous British words are:

Bloke- man

Mate- friend

Pint- beer

Quid - pound

Hoover - vacuum

Fancy - like


The currency of England is the pound also know as the pound sterling. The exchange rate between British pounds and American dollars changes every day, you can find it in the newspaper Dailey. The pound is also called a (Quid).


Religion in England has traditionally been dominated by protestant Christianity. Although this religion is still the official faith of the country, the number of religions practiced within England's borders in broad and continuing to diversify. Increased Immigration over the last century has been a prime factor in this development.


Transportation includes underground subways, double - decker busses, black cabs and bikes.


The temperature over the course of a year typically varies from 36F to 74F and is rarely below 27F or above 83F.

The warm season lasts from June 14 to September 8 with an average daily high temperature above 68F. The hottest


Organized soccer has been played England since the first rules of the game were drawn up at Cambridge University in 1848. Known as football in England, the game is played throughout the country and it has an extensive following among its fans. English soccer leagues are followed with reverence, and the English national team is one of the key players on the international stage.