Library Notes

Patrick Henry Elementary Library

100 Book Club has Started

Reading is important to your child’s success. Hopefully you have already seen your child’s reading log, which was passed out on the first day of school. This is part of our 100 Book Club. This reading challenge is part of a big Patrick Henry tradition, and I hope your child will participate.

Our pre-readers are encouraged to draw a picture of their favorite part of the story. These drawings help the kids make connections to what was read to them and allows practice using fine motor skills needed later for forming letters and words as they transition over.

The older students are ready to take it to the next level by writing a summary sentence about what they just read. Summarizing is a wonderful study strategy, and just like any skill, gets better with practice. These students are not only reading, but also practicing their comprehension abilities.

Last year we had 312 kids participate, and I’m looking forward to this year’s membership to this awesome club’s number to be even higher!

Our Doors are Open for Business!

Our second through fifth graders have already gone through their orientation and have been checking out books. Kindergarteners and first graders had a great time decorating their Book Buddy Bags and will start checking out books this week.

I told the kids the lbrary belongs to us all, and that does include you. If you would like to check out books, you are more than welcome to visit our school library.

Not only do we have books, but we also have magazines, graphic novels, and ebooks. Being a part of TPS, we also have access to wonderful resources on the website. I will be showing the students how to use these materials and more throughout the year. My goal is for our students to be comfortable in using them and share this knowledge with you.

Important Dates

Scholastic Book Fair

The Fall Book Fair is scheduled for Nov. 18th— 26th. Students will be making their wish lists on Nov. 14th & 15th.

The theme is, “Reading Oasis: A Cool Place to Discover Hot Books!” It’s going to be so much fun with an Egyptian theme!