Ads dont always say the right thing

Advertisements negatively impact the people.

Effect of Negative Advertisements

Advertisements cause many problems with money,ads are not always as they seem sometimes a person puts their credit card information on a web site

and if the ad was not real than that person get scammed or they get wronged in some way.As Keith Fentonmiller on the article Teens In The Crosshairs: is Targeted Marketing Ethical? “The problem is that the industry doesn't want to protect teens’ privacy because there’s so much money to be made”. I Personally think the advertisers techniques are wrong and should be changed because it hurts many people that come across those horrible ads making people feel insecure about themselves and that is not a very good feeling to have. Instead of advertisers using the mean methods that they use they should think of something nice to say that they know won't hurt others feelings.

Solution To Negative Advertisements

People should be ignoring any advertisements they come across to avoid any future problems. It would be a good benefit to people if they did this. So what would be good about avoiding ads? They avoid future money loss and feeling bad about themselves if they see an ad that makes them feel self conscious. No one should ever feel this way over an ad. So in conclusion they should completely avoid advertisements.

Call To Action

The effects that ads have on people are bad, people get scammed all over the world. This should stop because people need their money.