By Neal Shusterman

All About Bruiser

Imagine that you took the pain for everyone. Took the sadness out of everybody you love sucked right into your body. This was life for Brewster or "Bruiser," as everyone called him. He was forced to hate random people except his brother and uncle. Forced to act like the third wheel for the safety of his survival. This suspense book features Brewster as he goes on through a life of hatred until he meets Bronte, the girl that changes his life. The problem is that Bruiser starts to care for her, therefore taking the pain and scrapes that Bronte encounters and making it his own. When Bronte and her brother, Tennyson, start to unravel the mystery in which Brewster really is, they are determined to lead Bruiser into a life of hope instead of a life of despair, but will their help really take Bruiser into the light, or will Bruiser forever be consumed by the darkness of his curse.


"At once darkly humorous, intense and intensely satisfying, Bruiser may very well be Neal Shusterman's best novel yet. Put this at the top of your 'must read' list."

-Ellen Hopkins

New York Times Bestselling Author Of Crank.

"The English language needs another noun: 'a shusterman.' It means a book that is guaranteed to grip you from beginning to end and leave you thinking about the characters for years just like Bruiser will. Buckle up and prepare for a great ride!"

-Laurie Halse Anderson,

National Book Award and Finalist For Speak And Chains

I reccomend to all readers. Bruiser is sure to get your heart pumped throughout the whole story.

About the Author and Book (Logos)

Neal Shusterman is a very experienced author that has written many bestselling books. One of his most popular is Bruiser. Rated 4.4 out of 5, Bruiser has been an eye catching theme for many adventurous students. "Bruiser was named to the Texas Lone Star Reading List, among many other state lists, and was selected as a Book Page Top Ten Book of the Year."


(There's even a movie for it.")


This book will stir your heart as it represents the importance of friendship and sacrifice, as Brewster must show courage and strength through this crazy journey. You will find betrayal, happiness, sadness, and adventurous tones through the whole story