Enders game

by Orson Scott Card

why i think you should read this book

why should you read this book? This book is about a boy named Ender and he has a monitor in his head that makes the military see what he sees.His people are at war right now. They choose Ender to go to battle school and Peter, Enders brother, will never forgive him. Peter hates Ender even when The monitor is removed and Ender in excruciating pain, peter still hates him. Ender is given control of a fleet and he has a kid he calls precious and little just like he was. He soon realizes he killed Eonzo, the commander who hated him also and the kid he was being bullied by in school. Ender is taken to a planet and soon realizes that the buggers, the aliens he was fighting, did not want to fight at all and tries to find a place for the buggers to live
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