MTSS News Update

Baldwin Elementary School

Updates from the MTSS Team

The end of the year is fast-approaching and we have made great headway in setting up our PBIS system for next year! Around the school you will see our school-wide expectations and reminders of the "Three R's" - I am respectful, responsible, and ready to learn. This month (April 28) we will be rolling out the "Three R's" and expectations at the assemblies with Mr. Deep Positivity, our guest artist. Next year will be a full roll-out with every classroom using the seven color clipcharts (see below) and the Baldwin Bucks will be used more frequently to reward positive behavior throughout the school.

The New Clip Charts

Next year we will be using a seven-color clip chart. From the top down, the colors are pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. The words for each color will read: Outstanding/Role Model, Super Choices!, Great Job!, Ready to Learn, Slow Down!, Think About It! and Parent Contact. A student is able to move up and down the clip chart throughout the day and every day each student starts on green. You can find great examples of editable clipcharts on This example is from Mrs. Mowrer's room.
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How Itinerant Classes Will Work

Next year, itinerants will be using their own clip charts that will have numbers representing each student on the clips. At the beginning of the year, classroom teachers please give your itinerant teachers a list of your students with numbers next to their names. In this way, the behavior clip chart system is easy for itinerants to use and is cohesive throughout the whole school. Students will start on green during itinerant times. If they misbehave during itinerant times, the itinerant teachers will dole out consequences within their own classrooms. It is up to the individual classroom teacher if they would like to support the itinerant teacher with a further consequence (ex: clip move).

Baldwin Buck Rewards

Next year, BBs will mostly be used for classroom-based rewards. (The Baldwin School Store will still be open next year so students can cash in their BBs in this manner.) Teachers can find many examples of free rewards that they can give students in their classroom online. Below are some examples from Mrs. Desrosiers. You simply need to make a price list that works best for you - 5, 10, 25 dollar amounts are easy to attain for students. The 50 or more price point works best for those "big-ticket" items like eating lunch with the classroom teacher!
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Other Updates

Other important items for you to know about:

1. Slater Middle School is also using the "Three R's!" We are setting up a great continuum for our students.

2. CPT will look a bit different moving forward with our data walls - we will take two CPT times to post and analyze data.

3. Janet and Carmela will take over the MTSS Extended team meetings for me next year while I am out on maternity leave until mid-October.

4. If you have students with more than 14 unexcused absences, let me know and I will send a letter home and will also notify Chris Guest, our truancy officer.

5. Our next MTSS meeting is at 3PM in the library on May 8th. Our final meeting of the year will be on June 12th. Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime!

Thank you - Lisa Schultz