AND April in Review

#1 in Sales!

April flew by with record breaking sales! Congrats to Melyssa Nunnari for being #1 with sales of $5,660! This means she also earned her "Stellar Seller" for the month which earns her $100 product credit. (each stylist that sells $5000 retail in a month earns $100 product credit) Melyssa beat her personal best and celebrated her one year "stella-versary" in April!
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Top 3

Congrats to our top 3 in sales

Melyssa Nunnari- $5,660

(me $$4,713)

Ann Offer $2,995

Kate Stewart $2,826

These ladies also earned their 5% bonus by selling $2308. Who doesn't love a bonus?!

Qualified Stylists

Qualifying ($500 in retail sales) each month means you earn free business supplies which are necessary to keep your business going! It also "qualifies" you for your consistency bonus which is $100 in free product credit given quarterly. Jan-march, april-jun, etc. We just started the second quarter so if you qualified in april keep it up for this month and next month you will get $100 in free product credit at the end of june! Congrats to these stylists that qualified in April..

Amy Teller $1,844

Meghan Rivard $1745

Krista Klepchek $1,520

Juli Wilkerson $1,081

Courtney DiGiovanni $933

Lindsay Radtke $513

Welcome to the team!

We welcomed 3 new stylists this month. Congrats to Lauren Grause, Monica Paolini, and Angela Cherill on taking advantage of the sign up special and launching your new business!

Booking Blitz! Win the Carmen Necklace!

I think momentum is the best way to sustain your business so lets team up to stay strong in May by having a booking blitz! Dust off your Who Do You Know List and lets book in tight for May. We aren't planning a wedding; offering the trunk show opportunity should be simple. I like to tell my potential hostesses that it's as simple as texting your friends to come over for a glass of wine this Thursday. Offer your two closest available dates and move out from there as need be. Your two dates should be within the next 10 days. As a team lets put 20 more shows on our May calendar and blow away our sales in April! So here it 2 NEW (shows already on the calendar do not apply to this contest..but yay for you for working your biz ahead of time..two more shows will really make for fantastic commissions this month!) and you will be entered to win the Carmen Necklace! ($158 value!) For every additional show you book, earn another entry. Think this isn't for you? Why not? Get creative! Going somewhere for Memorial Day weekend? Have a show at the lake. Call a local bar or restaurant where you are visiting and ask to set up for a couple hours during happy hour, or host at your cottage or a neighbor's cottage. Utilize Monday nights because most people do NOTHING! Per crafty self will be slapping your name on a poster and updating with a post-it next to your name each time you book a new show. Updates with pics will be sent to go book so your name isn't sad, lonely and post-itless on the board. :)

As always, I am here for you!

Feel free to contact me for personal coaching. I would love to help you reach your goals!