Tiger Paws Parent Newsletter No.7

December 7, 2019

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P.A.W.S. at BHMS

Greetings Parents,

The school year is almost at the mid point and we have celebrated a few successes. We have placed a huge focus on student behavior and have attempted to model the expectations that we have for our students. We have utilized PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) to recognize students who consistently do the right thing. We have celebrated our students when they come to school and do the correct thing and we believe that these things are helping to change our story at BHMS. We will continue to ask students to exhibit PAWS at BHMS. P.A.W.S. stands for Positive Behavior, Academic Achievement, Willingness to Learn, and Strength of Character.

In addition, we will continue to promote high expectations as were embark on the beginning of a new year. We need our students to understand that blatant disrespect and fighting are not acceptable behaviors and thus they will not be tolerated at BHMS. We ask that you support us in this endeavor. Please speak with your child and help him/her understand the reason you send them to school everyday and that their education is important to their success now and in the future. We must have an environment that is conducive to learning each day.

Next semester we will continue to focus on appropriate behavior in school and will make sure that we are teaching students the content that they need to continue to grow academically. We ask that you support us by having your child read nightly and that you follow up with teachers when you notice an issue or have questions. We look forward to continuing to reconnect our village as the year goes on.

Thank you in advance for your support.

BHMS Goals for 2019-2020

  • Improve the climate and culture at BHMS.
  • Increase student attendance at BHMS.
  • Increase student achievement at BHMS.
  • Decrease student discipline issues at BHMS.

Parents, we ask that you assist us in reaching these goals by ensuring that your child comes to school everyday unless he/she is truly sick, reviewing our student handbook and reinforcing the expectations that we have for your child, and reviewing your child's agenda each night to ensure that homework assignments are complete. In addition, we ask that you have your child read 20 minutes each night at home. Increasing our students' reading and comprehension is a focus for the year and the more students are exposed to text the better their literacy skills will become.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in helping us meet these goals.

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Parents, do you know how to access your student's grades and attendance online?

If not, click on the link below to get set up today. This is a great way to stay abreast of what is occurring with your child. If they know you are watching, they are more likely to do the right thing.

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Dress Code


We are having an issue with students wearing shirts that do not meet the dress code. All shirts must be school colors (white, maroon/burgundy, or yellow) or a school spirit shirt only. Please help us by making sure that your child is following the dress code.


FYI: Promotion Criteria for 8th Grade

GRADE 8: To be promoted to Grade 9, a student must meet the following requirements:

  • Earn a passing final grade in English/Language A rts (70 and

  • Earn a passing final grade in mathematics (70 and above).

  • Must pass at least two of the remaining courses.

  • Earn “On/Above Grade Level” on the Georgia Milestones End of Grade Assessment in reading.

  • Earn an achievement level of “Developing Learner”, “Proficient Learner”, or “Distinguished Learner” on the mathematics section of the Georgia Milestones End of Grade Assessment.

  • Meet attendance requirements.

FYI: Promotion Criteria for 6th and 7th Grades

GRADES 6 and 7: To be promoted to Grade 7 and Grade 8, a student

must meet the following requirements:

  • Earn a passing final grade in English/Language A rts (70 and

  • Earn a passing final grade in mathematics (70 and above).

  • Must pass at least two of the remaining courses.

  • Meet attendance requirements.

Upcoming Events

December 12- Bibb BOE Mtg @ 6:30

December 13- Parent Council @ 9:30 in the Media Center

December 17- Fine Arts Concert @ 6:30 in the Cafeteria

December 18- BHMS Academic Night

PBIS Field Trips: Students who have no discipline referrals and perfect attendance

-December 17: 6th Grade to Pinstrikes

-December 18: 7th Grade to Pinstrikes

-December 19: 8th Grade to Pinstrikes

Midterm Exams Schedule: Please make sure that your child studies and is prepared.

-December 11th: Reading Classes take Midterms

-December 12th: Connections Classes take Midterms

-December 13th: Science Classes take Midterms

-December 16th: Social Studies Classes take Midterms

-December 17th: Math Classes take Midterms

-December 18th: ELA Classes take midterms

December 23- January 6, 2020--Christmas Break

January 7, 2020- 8th grade students parent retention meeting @ 10:00

BCSD Vision Statement: Each student will demonstrate strength of character and will be college or career ready.

BCSD Mission Statement: The BCSD develops a highly trained staff and an engaged community dedicated to educating each student for a 21st century global society.