North Scituate Elementary School

June 2019 Newsletter


As the school year comes to an end, I want to thank you all for an amazing 2018-2019 school year. We are all excited for the upcoming celebrations as we finish the school year.This year has been filled with hands-on learning experiences in and outside of the classroom. Our students have worked very hard to try their best at everything. Our school faculty and staff have worked hard all year to engage students in learning and prepare them for future endeavors.

Our school office will be closed during the month of July. If you need immediate assistance during this time, please e-mail me at or call the school department office at (401)647-4100. We will re-open in August.

Our new Summer Reading Challenge will be sent home in student report cards to complete over the summer. I can't wait to hear about all the books you read and the places you read them!

A reminder that our last day of school is Wednesday, June 12th due to the one snow day.

Have a relaxing and fun summer!

Kaitlin M. Soccio

Preventing the Summer Slide

Luckily, summer learning is a thing, and something many kids and teens engage in between June and August. And even better, it doesn’t have to come in the form of summer school.

Here are the details on how kids can potentially avoid brain drain (and come out even stronger on the other side).

1.Get them to engage in learning disguised as fun

-An academic or tech camp offers courses rooted in coding and video game development, robotics, and design.

2.Help them build a new skill foundation

- By shifting the focus from memorization to areas like problem-solving, creativity, and if-then thinking, kids and teens are encouraged to engage with complex problems and come up with logical solutions.

3. Introduce something new, in hopes that it turns into a passion

-Studies show that developing hobbies and interests (like coding or game design) can actually improve a child’s cognitive skills, concentration, and determination, and even develop their personality.

4.Eliminate Boredom Altogether

5. Invest in the right kind of screen time

--The trick is to change the mindset. While most kids just sit and play games, get them thinking about other things while they’re playing—How was that character designed? Wow, how do they move so realistically? How are they responding to me pushing a single button? That’s the first step. Encourage kids to go from playing to questioning.

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Students will receive these awards for EXEMPLARY behavior in the following categories: self-control, citizenship, hard work, attitude, responsibility, courage, team work, and honesty. Any adult in the building may choose the recipients. Grade levels are color coded: 5th Gold, 4th Silver, 3rd Bronze, 2nd Stardust, 1st Jupiter (red) and Kindergarten Sapphire. Students will also be able to decorate a star. These stars will be displayed in the showcase in the hall adjacent to the cafeteria. These certificates are presented to students on Friday mornings immediately following announcements.

"Clean Water Begins At Home" Poster Contest

The winners of the 23rd annual Scituate Reservoir Watershed Education Program (SRWEP) poster contest used the theme “Clean Water Begins At Home” to teach their friends, neighbors, and family members the simple changes that they can make to protect Rhode Island’s drinking water. SRWEP is funded by Providence Water and implemented in partnership with Northern RI Conservation District, and its goal is to protect the Scituate Reservoir at its source by encouraging residents of the Scituate Reservoir watershed to take ownership of and responsibility for this important water source, which supplies drinking water to over 60% of Rhode Islanders. Click here to the PDF of the press release.

All elementary and middle schools that serve the Scituate Reservoir watershed towns of Scituate, Foster, Glocester, and Johnston are invited to participate in the annual Poster Contest. Fallon Green in Mrs. DiLuglio's 3rd grade class was a winner and his picture will be featured in a 2020 calendar. In addition to the school winners, Honorable Mention prizes were awarded to Riley Adams and Casey Durkin in Mrs. DiLuglio’s 3rd grade class. Congratulations to all. We are so proud of you!

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Spring Scholastic Book Fair

It’s a Dino-Mite book fair! Stomp, Chomp and Read.... at our Annual Spring Scholastic Book Fair! Visit North Scituate Library for our fun dino themed fair June 3rd-6th & during Arts Night for awesome books plus games & prizes!!

Check out the Library Newsletter for more information about the Book Fair here.

To check out the Book Fair flyer and upload money for the e-wallet, click here.

All proceeds are used to purchase books for our classrooms, library & students. Volunteers needed! Please email our PTO board at if you'd like to help!

NGSA Science Testing Gr. 5

Mrs. Cindy Gould talked with fifth grade students about careers in science, exploration and discovery, and the science and engineering practices that would be assessed. Ms. Shannon Donovan talked about the remote operated vehicle, Hercules, that was used when she studied at sea.
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After-school Confection Crafting

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Kindergarten Celebration

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Grade 1 Trip to Audubon Society

Grade 2

Grade 3

Biography Day in Grade 4

Students in grade 4 completed a biography research project on a person of their choice. Students completed research using books and online sources. On Thursday, students presented their biography projects using Google slides or poster board. I was very impressed with their knowledge of their chosen person. Nice job!
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Grade 5 Science

Students completed a science investigation that discussed plant and animal nutrition. They grew plants from seeds either in a clear bag or a black bag to learn about chlorophyll. They were all very happy with the success of their plants.

Fun Day for Grades 4 & 5

Thank you to Student Council and advisers for organizing this eventful afternoon. Students in grades 4 and 5 enjoyed lots of snacks, games, and music outside on 5/24. Thank you to the parent volunteers and staff members who supervised this event. Without you this would not be possible.

A note from the school nurse

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Reading Newsletter from Mrs. Gould

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A note from the School psychologist

Promoting Tolerance

Today more than ever it is important to promote tolerance and peace in children. Children in particular may have difficulty channeling their feelings appropriately and can easily pick up negative or demeaning cues given by adults around them. Adults can help children understand the importance of treating all people with fairness, respect and dignity. Most importantly, adults must model tolerance and compassion in their words and behavior. Children take their emotional cues from significant adults in their lives. Avoid making negative statements about any person based upon racial, ethnic or religious group. Avoid stereotyping people because of their differences. Teach students about diverse populations in the community. Tolerance is a lifelong endeavor and if we all work together there will be more peace in the world.

Information provided by the National Association of School Psychologists

Mrs. Schiappa

School Psychologist


June 3rd-6th: Book Fair

June 3rd: Field Day

June 5th: Arts Night 5PM (Chorus sings at 6PM)

June 6th: 5th Grade Moving Up Day at Hope Pond

June 7th: Grade 2 Zoo Field Trip

June 10th: 5th Grade Celebration

June 11th: Grade 2 Bug Fest

June 12th: Last day of school & Kona Ice 11:30-12:30

Congratulations to SHS Class of 2019!

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