Kelly Ayotte

United States Senator

About Kelly:

Kelly Ayotte obtained a degree at Villanova University School of Law and began her career in public services as a prosecutor, eventually becoming the Senator from New Hampshire. Ayotte stands as a Republican, supporting small businesses and trying to better the economy. She is married to a Iraq war veteran and has two children.



-opposes same-sex marriage

-supports gun rights

-supports Immigration reform

Stance on raising minimum wage:

Kelly Ayotte voted against raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10. She is a strong supporter in small and private businesses. Most small business claim that is minimum wage is raised and continues to climb, they will not be able to pay their workers. Therefore, jobs would be lost and people would be out of work.

Stance on Keystone Pipeline:

Kelly Ayotte voted in favor of the Keystone Pipeline. The pipeline would be a large pipeline system stretching from Canada to the Gulf Shore for the transport of oil to United States Refineries. If the pipeline is approved then it would create thousands of new jobs for Americans and would also decrease American dependency on foreign countries.