Adlai Stevenson Family Newsletter

May 2022

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Updated Dismissal Parking


Effective April 11th, a new dismissal plan will be implemented. Please click the link below for specific details.


  1. For safety reasons, students must wear enclosed shoes at all times. Footwear like flip flops, Crocs, and athletic slides are not permitted.
  2. Students should bring their own water bottles to school each day, which they are able to refill during breakfast and lunch. The district is no longer supplying us with bottled water.
  3. Although we are implementing a more relaxed dress code this year, please remind your students that no hats, do rags, or head coverings may be worn unless for religious purposes. Students wearing hoodies are not permitted to wear the hood over their heads.
  4. As a reminder, the school doors open at 9:05 each morning. Please do not drop-off students before this time or allow them to come to school before this time. Parent/guardians are responsible for student behavior until the come into the building.
  5. Fifth graders now have breakfast from 9:05-9:20. If you have a fifth grader, please ensure that they arrive in plenty of time to eat.
  6. Student technology is meant for school related work only. We are experiencing issues with students who are using these devices for non-school related activities that is causing computers to have software issues. In addition, we get alerted when students are chatting, talking, emailing, etc. about inappropriate things. If a student to caught using a school device for non-school related activities the device may be confiscated. Please ensure that you students use these computer for school only and in a supervised manner.
  7. During arrival and dismissal, please do not park along the curb. This area is for drop and go only. If you wish to park please use a near by side street. Please also do not double park or let students out or in the car in the middle of the street as this is a safety hazard.

I thank you in advance for all of your help with these items as we work to have a smooth and safe school year.

Please click below for more information:

School Visitation

Please be sure to take a moment to read this update as it contains a lot of information.

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Save the Date


5/11 Market Pantry Day 1-3 pm

5/12 Parent Cafe 10-11 am in person at the school.

5/26 Pre-K Move On Ceremony 10:00 am

5/26 Eighth Grade Luncheon 1:00 pm (Students Only)

5/26 Chat and Chew With Mrs. Christopher 12-12:45 pm

5/27 Field Day

5/30 Memorial Day--No School

6/2 Last day of school

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School Market Pantry

Wednesday, May 11th, 1-3pm

18300 Woda Avenue

Cleveland, OH

Pick up free produce and dry goods.

Pull you car up to the curb in the main parking lot and the food will be brought out to you.

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Mrs. Christopher's Chat and Chew!

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Welcome Our Parent Ambassador--Ms. Teela Patterson

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As our Parent Ambassador, Ms. Patterson is dedicated to building relationships with families by improving their overall CMSD experience. She is mom to third grader Phoenix, and a champion of Adlai Stevenson. Her role of is an important part of our school culture.

Meet Ms. Patterson at her first event:

"Come join me at Adlai's Parent Cafe on May 12th from 10-11 am! Think of it as a peer-to

peer parent support group--a physical and emotional safe space where people can talk to

each other to discuss important topics that affect our families and communities. Then we'll

develop individual and group strategies to strengthen our families and environment that

will leave you excited and inspired to put into practice! We will also offer delicious

refreshments during the event! We hope to see you there."

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End of Year Activities

As we approach the closing of another school year, we are preparing a variety of fun activities, such as class field trips, Field Day, and eighth grade celebrations. These are optional; students who do not behave according to school expectations will not be included. A separate letter has already been mailed to eighth grade parents, which outlines expectations for participating in those activities. Please review with your middle schoolers.
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Once again, Adlai Stevenson will be one of many sites for the Summer Learning Experience (SLE). Be sure to click on the SLE catalogue link below, which explains the types of programs offered, along with locations, times, and registration procedures.
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Cell Phone Policy

We are having an increasing number of issues with cell phone use. As a reminder, cell phones must be turned off and put away during school hours. They can only be used for staff approved activities, such as engaging in a lesson or calling home when given permission. When a scholar violates our cell phone policy, a teacher may confiscate the phone for a period or for the rest of the day. Failure to relinquish the phone can result in an out of school suspension.

Parents, please do not text/call your child during the day OR instruct your child to text/call you. We will not make any distinction between scholars using their cells to communicate with family members--or any other persons--when giving consequences. If there is an emergency, kindly contact the main office and we will get the message to the student, or allow him/her to call you from the office.

Thank you very much for respecting our cell phone policy, which allows all students and teachers to focus on academics.

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Social Media

Social Media is a school concern, even among our younger students. We have witnessed students post things such as threats, fights, inappropriate pictures, and other messages that harass peers or instigate conflict. Even posting outside of school hours can result in school consequences, as problems frequently escalate into our school.

Leading cyber experts believe that many children are not mature enough to handle responsible social media usage (Instagram, Snap Chat, Kick, etc.) until 16-17 years old. Parents, if you do allow your children to use social media, please monitor their usage and discuss how to use it appropriately.

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As CMSD continues to strive to provide all scholars with a digital device to allow for learning in a modern society, guidelines for effective use and care of these devices is critical. With this in mind, the district has developed the Family Digital Device Guidelines as outlined in the below pamphlet.


Please take a moment to familiarize yourself and your scholars with these guidelines and expectations as they will be fully enforced starting this summer and for the 2022-2023 school year.

Some key take-aways from these guidelines include, but are not limited to:

  • Device care expectations.
  • Digital and internet safety guidelines.
  • Device replacement procedures.
    • 1st replacement will be free
    • 2nd replacement will require a $50 replacement fee.
    • 3rd replacement will require a family conference and intervention plan, along with a $50 replacement fee.
    • Intentionally damaged devices will only be replaced after the full cost of the damaged device is provided.
    • Lost devices will require a police report number before a replacement device is provided.

Thank you for continuing to support your scholars as they learn appropriate care and use of digital learning tools.


Tech Problems:

  1. Call the help desk at 216-838-0440. They will assist with the issue and if they cannot fix the problem, a ticket will be inputted.
  2. Call the school at 216-838-5300 to inform us of the issue so we can communicate your needs with the teacher.
  3. Once the ticket is inputted, wait for a technician to call you to schedule an appointment to come to the school to fix the computer.
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Also consider full day camp opportunities through Camp George Forbes for Cleveland residents aged 9-13. See the flier below for recreation center sign up locations.
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Each month, we focus on a different commendable trait. In May, we highlight RESPECT. During morning meetings, and throughout the day, teachers and staff stress the importance of this character trait: Treating others the way they want to be treated; accepting people's differences; Being kind to others, even if they feel others don't deserve it. At the end of the month, we celebrate students who demonstrate this month's virtue.
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For the first time in several years, we welcome back our Spring sports! The schedules for boys basketball and co-ed track are below. As a reminder, only athletes can stay for practice, and all siblings must go home the regular manner. Also, parents must accompany their children to games/meets.

Basketball schedule.

Track Schedule.

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Please click on the below links for specific calendars.

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Helpful Links - click below.

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District Support Contact Information

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Exact Path:

This is a program driven by NWEA results that provides tiered, direct instruction for students in the areas of Reading and Math. Students are provided with content specific to their needs and are able to show mastery of that content by passing quizzes embedded in the system. As students learn the program adapts. Every student has a goal to activey work within Exact Path each day for 30 minutes in Reading and 30 minutes in Math. Click the Exact Path icon below for an informational video.

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Community Resources

Email with questions or if you need community based supports. You may also click on the button below to fill out a brief survey requesting support and Ms. L will get back with you.

Family Community Support Request Form

Please fill out this survey if you are in need of any community based supports and our 21st Century Coordinator, Michelle Dowd, will reach out to you.

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