January Workshop Opportunities

Using Protocols to Build Culture

Participants will explore the purpose and power of protocols as tools to develop culture as well as consider the culture you must build in order to effectively use protocols. We will work to develop essential understandings regarding the CCLS speaking and listening standards and how discussions can enhance student understanding of text. The audience for this session can be any teacher interested in using protocols in their classroom regardless of content area. The focus will be grade 3-8 but information could be adapted to fit all grade levels.

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Close Reading 102 for Special Area Courses

This workshop is an intermediate level session on reading closely. We will go more deeply into the rigor of reading closely and consider ways to implement in Special Area courses. We will discuss “text” complexity and developing “text”-based questions at higher levels of thinking.

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Badges as Assessment in Physical Education

In this session, participants have the opportunity to learn about badges and how they might be used in learning organizations. If you've ever earned a Boy Scout badge or “unlocked” levels in a video game then you get the general idea. People are considering a number of creative ways to leverage badges to document formal and informal learning as well as what their role may be in an assessment or grading system.

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