The Crows Ranch


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My name is Joe and I am a leader of a Texas Ranch called "The Crows Nest". My ranch is 4000 acres of land. The land is beautiful here with fertile land everywhere perfect for ranching. I have 2 sharpshooters and about 6 Cowboys. My land is near Fort Worth.

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This is my cattle brand for my cows

I plan to move my 2000 cattle from my ranch up the Chisom Trail all the way up to Abeline. I have listed my map down below. We will see many rivers, towns, and wilderness

Possible Problems:crossing river, barbed wire, and batering for cattle. We are called the crows nest because we keep all our cattle safe. The C is a crow flying through the sky while the n is firm and not letting anything get lost.

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Right before I go on my journey I want to make sure I have all theses things. As we are setting oh I have to make sure the men are well fed, the mules, the horses, and the cattle. I don't want anything to die of starvation. I also need medicine and enough money to pay my cowboys. I have to make sure everything goes perfectly


__2000__ cows @ $20.00 each $ ___40000_____

Wages: 8 cowboys (1 per 250 cows)

__8__ cowboys @ $50/month x # of months $ ____1200____

_2___ horse wrangler @ $50/mo X # of mo $ ____300____

1 trail boss @ $100/month X # of months $ _300_______

1 cook @ $90/month X # of months $ ___270_____


1 Chuck Wagon @ $75 $ ___75_____

1 team of mules @ $50 $ _____50___

__20__ remuda horses @ $15 per horse $ ____300____


Cooking utensils: (pots, pans, plates, forks,

Cups, etc.) $ ___18.80 _____

Supplies for ___12__ weeks (pull from

Supply list in Attachmt. #2) $ __233______


Unknown/Unexpected expenses $ __50______


Attachment #4

Expected Profit

(complete before trip)

Potential Profits:

Sell __1____ head of cattle @ $___28_ each $ _______

(research your destination city for what the sales price averaged for that city during that time period - 1870)

Expected Costs:


*Original Cost of cattle 9_______

*Cost of Wages _2070___


*Cost of Equipment/horse stock _____425__

*Miscellaneous/Unexpected Costs _____50__

- $__2545_____

TOTAL ESTIMATED PROFIT: $ ___37175.2____


Oh No, some cow rustlers stole our cattle, a crime only punishable by death, but we can't catch them. They took about 200 cattle and left on horse when we were all asleep. They injured our watch man (who was our cook and now he can't move his leg. Not to mention they stole about a lot of our supplies like little children. We can't chase them because that's going to put a dent in our schedule and our shortage in supplies. I suppose we should just cut our losses and go on but how are we supposed to go on with a lot less cattle than before and our cook injured. I mean the cook is everything. He gives us our food and he is the only man with medical expertise. If he's injuered than we could easily be killed by sickness. Not to mention we only have so little provisions. I suppose one of the men should man the chuck wagon and another should wake up to make the food. I do hope we are close to Abeline because the men are losing confidence.

Unexpected problem

On no there's wolves. Everything was going on well until the wolves came. We found a herd of about 100 cattle so the thieves didn't even matter. We asked ourselves How are we supposed to deal with them? We couldn't shoot at them otherwise a stampede will happen. Which would make us lose a whole ton of cattle. But even worse the wolves seemed to eat 15 cattle. So we took up our axe and knife and tried to fight them off but they ran ahead. Then the cattle started to stampede. We barley had enough time to get out of the way and on to our horses. By time we got to them we were in the back of the herd. As we ran to get the cattle we could see the remains of the chuck wagon. Everything was destroyed our medicine, food, as well as the cattle so food. That moment only lasted a second as we ran towards the cattle. Our wrangler was trying to get the Remudas away from the cattle. Our flank riders were cathching up to the cattle and successfully stopped them from separating. Our point rider was having a hard time catching up but he finally caught up. Finally our swing rider turned the herd into a river where they calmed down. The chuck wagon was destroyed so there was no way we could wait another day but the cattle threw us off by 7 miles. Now instead of 13 miles left we had to deal with 20 miles (2 days). This would be a test of the men's patience. Would they leave or stay until the very end.

Poetry along the way


They were bitter rivals

Who ain't agree on nothing

They say in the old days these old

Fools would bicker about anything

From horned toads to prickly pears

Why this grudge started no one knows

But what is certain is the day they walked together

you could have heard a roach crawl deep down low

They took their seats and the two started chatting

Like two old friends and started telling their favorite pun

They starting eating the food which I gave them and ate

Then out of nowhere both of them took his gun

And they attacked like a bunch of rattlesnakes

Lead hitting everything

Men getting hit by bullets

Renowned sharpshooters both of thems were able to snipe anything

Until I hit them both with my famous firing pan


They passed out like a sack of potatoes

An unspoken law was passed-no guns are allowed at the dinner table-and started before long

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We finally made it to Abeline. The locals told us we looked like a group of scarecrows when they saw us. They treated us to a meal and we headed to the bartering house. When we walked in it seemed like another cowboy band had came before and they looked very pleased with themselves. But I had no time to dilly dally because I needed money right then and there. This was it, was a trek going to be in vain or worth it. As I went in the bargain began. I argued for a while and made him raise the price of cattle from $20 per head to $45 per head. As I told my men this everyone leaped for joy and we were about to head back. Our cook was ready to resume his duties and we set out. One thing I learned was that some trails can have higher risks but higher rewards or sometimes it might be safer to take the safe and long route but you might have unexpected surprises thrown at you.

Here is my bugdet profit loss


Profits (or Loss)

_1885__ cattle sold at $25.00 each

TOTAL PROFITS $ ____47125___

Actual Expenses for Drive

(update from original projections if anything changed during drive)

Cost of Cattle: $ ____25 from 20___

Wages: $ _______

Equipment/horse stock: $ _______

Supplies: $ _______

Unexpected Costs: $ ___150 from 50____

TOTAL ACTUAL COSTS - $ ___47130____

(Subtract costs from Total Profits)

NET PROFIT (OR LOSS) $ __Profit_____