Protecting your Digital Reputation

How to maintain your online rep

The Modern Day Girl

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are three integral parts of a modern day girls social life. They are the coffee meet-ups and movie dates of the 21st century, and as long as you know how to be safe and smart online you shouldn't meet up with any problems. But, if you don't consider carefully what you do post online, chances are that it will be there forever. The internet remembers everything, and mistakes on social media platforms could influence you for the rest of your life. When you're looking to get into a University, or apply for a job, the chances of them looking you up and trolling through your Facebook page are seriously high, and post's displaying you as a 'party girl' or being attached to any negative stories can determine their decision very easily.

For more reputation saving info, go to the Cybersmart website

How to: Maintain your rep online

Maintaining and keeping your online persona clean and fresh is easier then a lot of girl's think. Following these easy steps, never again will you feel the need to go bright red because of your online slip-ups.
1. Think before you send, post, or blog. Will you regret this afterwards? Is it something you wouldn't mind your mum seeing?
2. Set and keep all your profiles to private-then check every now and again to ensure all settings are still as you had them.
3. Keep an eye on the photos you are getting tagged in by your friends, and if any are the slightest bit embarrassing and/or offensive, have your name removed, i.e UNTAG!
4. Refrain from ever revealing information that is at all personal, such as addresses and phone numbers.
Digital Smarts: Protecting Your Online Reputation and Safety

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