All About Me

Shivdev Nahar

Who Am I?

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My name is Shivdev, I'm 15 years old. I am a very active, outgoing, and fun to be around. I like to have fun and fool around because I don't like feeling sad or bored. I love playing sports and doing a lot of physical activity, like playing soccer, working out/ bodybuilding, and i like MMA, which stands for Mixed Martial Arts. I consider myself a trustworthy and a very loyal friend.

My Life Line

10. In 2012, my cousins got a dog

My Favourite Things


I love music. Music is a way to express yourself, whether you're sad, scared, happy, mad, or even confused, music is always there for me whenever i need it to be. Music comes from all different ethnicitys and that is the great thing about music. For me, I love all kinds of genres of music, rap, hip-hop, trap, pop and a lot more.

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Dragonball Z

Dragon ball Z is the greatest show. When I was a kid, my cousins and I would all sit and watch together and we would all have a blast. Not only do I have many memories watching Dragon ball Z with my cousins or playing with them acting like we were the characters. Dragon ball Z also has a message to get across as a whole show. That message would be to never give up, to always have pride, honor, and always keep going and keep learning and getting stronger because there's always going to be someone better and your goal should always be to become more than them. This is very important to me because this show taught me in many situations how to overcome and move on during hard times in my life. Dragon ball Z has helped me and I feel as Dragon ball Z would help me through out my life.

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Working out

I really like to workout, specifically weight lifting and bodybuilding. I like it because not only does it make you physically stronger, it also makes you mentally stronger. Also bodybuilding causes you to kind of relax and forget about the outside world. When i am lifting, I love the feeling of lifting weights because it makes me feel stronger and helps build confidence.
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My Leadership Style

Leader as a Joiner & Leader as a Consultant

I feel like my leadership style would be both of these styles depending on the situation. I feel like I am a leader as a joiner because when i'm in a situation where i don't feel comfortable ordering people or feel like standing out, I usually just join the group and we all just do everything together, and this is usually when I am doing something I don't know a lot about. I also feel I am a leader as a consultant because when I am in a situation when I am around my family or friends, I don't want to be rude or come off as a bossy person because that is not who I am, I usually talk to everyone and see what everyone wants to do and whatever everyone agrees on, that is what we all do. Both of these types of leaders are very similar and both describe my leadership style best because they aren't aggressive and both styles are the type of leaders that would join the group and be a part of it and have fun while doing the work or completing the task.

My Influences

In my life, I don't think I have anyone who really influences me to do anything. I feel as I have shaped myself as who I am today. I am very independent and I tend to keep my thoughts to myself. I feel my friends do not influence me in any bad way at all. I don't think my friends or family will ever influence me to do anything bad and I most certainly do not think I will ever influence myself to do anything bad either.

Role Model/ People in my Life

One person in my life that has been very important to me would be me. I say this because everything that I have been through, I got through because of me. No one took my place and helped me in anyway. I am my own person, I go through things differently than everyone else and I feel like if I wasn't me, I would not be who I am today. I am my own role model, I am unique and I will make my own footsteps for others to follow.

My Future

In the future I want to be a doctor. Specifically, an exercise physiologist or a sports medicine doctor. I would like to pursue these jobs for a couple of reasons. First because a lot of people say to choose an occupation which you like and enjoy. I love sports and working out, so I have an option of being an exercise physiologist. Second, I like science and I like learning about the human body. Mainly about nutrition and how the muscles of the human body work, so i decided that i could join both of the things i really like, academically and non- academically and do sports medicine. To get to this occupation, I would need to do my medical degree at a good university and focus on kinesiology which is basically the study of how to body moves and works. I feel like this is exactly what I should be because I have a really big interest in these occupations and I would also make a lot of money which is also very important to me.
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Family Symbols

This photo gallery represents my family because we are all very thankful of what we have and we believe that everything happens for a reason and that god does what he does and nothing could change that. We all support each other no matter what and I feel like that is really what brings a family together. We love going on vacations and travelling and experiencing new things. I feel like these three pictures almost reflect my family perfectly.

Personality Test Results

Learning Style Test

I am a Kinesthetic learner. That means I learn by actually doing the task or work and learning from my own mistakes.

Personality Test

For my personality test I got ISFP, which stands Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving. This test showed my personality as open-minded, understanding, sensitive and practical. The test also said that ISFP personalities have an innate artistic ability and are usually excellent at manipulating tools, instruments or materials or materials in the pursuit of their creativity.

Interests Test

My interest test is The Activist, which is when a person who is an especially active, vigorous advocate of a cause.

Knowledge Test

In my knowledge survey, i received a result of where physical education is my top subject area.

Multiple Intelligence Test

On the multiple intelligence test, i got three different strengths tied for first. Those 3 results were Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, and Intrapersonal.

True Colours Test

For the true colours test there are 4 colours and each colour represents a different personality. There is orange which is adventurous, green for curious, blue for harmonious, and gold for responsible. On the test that i did on google classroom, my result was orange in first, green and blue for second and gold in last.