Weighting the Semester & Final Exam

This needs to be done each semester

Weighting Your Semester and Semester Exam in Synergy

We wanted to share with you step-by-step directions for weighting your semester work and semester exam in Synergy. Even if you entered weights at the beginning of the semester, please double-check to ensure they are correct.

How it Works:

1st SEMESTER (90%) + EXAM (10%) = a calculated 1st SEMESTER grade

If you are in the Social Studies and Science department, see your IL. Your set up is different as you weight your final exam as a separate grade book category.

Step #1:

To begin, go to the “Report Card” tab and select “Term Weighting.”

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Step #2

Once in “Term Weighting,” check the box labeled “1st Semester Grades.”

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This is an example of what your screen should look like and what boxes you should check.

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Step #4

Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Here, you can apply these weights to your other classes by checking the appropriate boxes.

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Step #5

Once you have applied these weights to your other classes, scroll up to the top of the page and click “Update.”
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If all has gone well, you should see the following:
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Step #6

After you have weighted your semester grades, you can view them by returning to “Grade Book Main” and changing the grading “Period” to show “1st Semester Grades.”

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