The Pink Panther


The new resturante in town...

Has live music and a dance floor outside. Severel flat screen TV's, in the inside, for you to watch the games. Smoking and non smoking sections. NO DRESS CODE!

The Pink Panthers new opening

Saturday, Nov. 23rd 2013 at 5-11:30pm

1430 Dean street New Jersey

Normally the opening time will be noon to 11:30 but since this is our grand opening were opening a little later.

The special day

At 5:30-6:45 there will be a comedy show.

Starting at 7:00 and ending at 9:00 refills are free.

Live music will be playing in the outside part of the restaurant from 9:30 to 11:15

Come on by

We have music, tv, and great food. We garantee that you will love it at the Pink Panther!