Cambodian Conflict

Civil War and Genocide

Turning Communist.

The ruler, Prince Sihanouk is overthrown in a civil war, and the revolt is lead by Pol Pot. His group is called the Khmer Rouge, and they send him into exile. The Khmer Rouge was an effort to create a 100% agricultural State. This occurred from 1970-1978.

The Effects

The new order lead by Dictator Pol Pot had another goal, to get rid of all people who appeared to be educated. This was because they were the only ones smart enough to lead a rebellion against the Khmer Rouge. Over 2 million people were killed in this mass genocide.

Geographic Influence

Cambodia is a compact State, and this made it easier for genocide to occur. It is very small, which made it easier to overrun all civilians. The capital is Phnom Penh, in the lower right side of the country. This is right in the middle of where most of the people are. This made it less difficult to find the people who appeared educated.


This specific dispute only occurred within the country, but there were outside influences that fueled the fire. North and South Vietnam were in the middle of war, the North was using Cambodian resources to fight, and they were also helping the Cambodian government. South Vietnam and the USA were working together against Vietnam in order to stop the spread of communism. The USA and South Vietnam also went into Cambodia and defeated the Khmer Rouge.


Cambodia is considered a state. Centripetal forces keeping the Khmer Rouge together was their common desire to make Cambodia an agricultural state, communism, and exterminating everyone they thought would overpower them. Centrifugal forces that pulled the state apart include the genocide itself separating the people into groups, the idea of making Cambodia an agricultural communist state, and the Khmer Rouge against the people of Cambodia.

Connor's Opinion

I think that it is no longer possible to come to a peaceful resolution. The war has already been fought and the Khmer Rouge loses more power as its final members die off. There are almost no people that are powerful enough to re-rally the rouge. The United Nations have sentenced members to prison, and the government is somewhat stable now,

Kristen's Opinion

The resolution to the genocide was handled as peacefully as it could have been in my opinion. The leaders of the Rouge have been punished and the conflict was taken care of.