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The vision of SCUC BeYOnD is to take learning beyond the walls of the classroom. This not only includes students, but teachers and administrators as well. Our goal with the BeYOnD PLC is to provide staff with professional development that transfers to the classroom as well as professional learning growth. One way to collaborate is through Twitter Chats. We will be hosting a monthly twitter chat using the hashtag #scucbeyond.

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SCUC Twitter Chat

Tuesday, Feb. 7th, 9am

This is an online event.

Join our next #scucbeyond twitter chat. Questions will be posted throughout the day beginning around 9:00 am so feel free to join the chat at any time.


Q: What is a Twitter Chat?

A: It is a conversation amongst the public that uses a unique hashtag (#). The hashtag allows you to be able to easily follow the discussion and participate in the chat.

Q: How does it work?

A: You can go to your search on the top right side of your twitter page and type #scucbeyond. We will host the chat throughtout the day so join at any time. We will post a question and label each question Q1, Q1, Q3, and so on. When you respond, you will tweet A and the question number you are responding to, then type your response and end the tweet with #scucbeyond. (ie: A1: I believe that a PLC…#scucbeyond). Remember twitter is limited to 140 characters per tweet. You can also respond to peer comments as well. Be sure to use their username using the @ then their username to respond to them such as @lindacoolbaugh, then end the tweet with the hashtag #scucbeyond.

Q: How long will the chat take place?

A: The chat will have 4 different questions posted throughout the day so you can join anytime beginning at 9:00 am. The chat will not close as we will use this hashtag each time to respond so you can always go back and see what others have posted. If you are unsure about tweeting, go to the hashtag to just follow what your colleagues are discussing.

Q: Who will run the chat?

A: The Instructional Technology Department will moderate the twitter chat. From time to time we will have different members of SCUC moderate the twitter chat depending on the topic discussed.

How to Join a Twitter Chat

Joining a Twitter Chat