Dot Dollar Redemption

The 4-1-1 on how to maximize your Dot Dollar Orders

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Hello Glowing Stones!

You worked hard to maximize sales during the Dot Dollars EARN (11/10 - 12/13) period. Now it's time to help your customers REDEEM and continue sharing the #sdjoy and #stelladotstyle!

Highlights of what you need to know are as follows:

  • The redeem period is December 27, 2016 - January 4, 2017. This is a "down" time for many people (they may be on vacation or offline - if you only have a work email for a customer, odds are she'll be out of office and won't receive your emails so be sure to get her cell # and/or private email) so it may be hard to reach them. That is why you are receiving this email with tips and ideas to help you maximize the redemption of your Dot Dollars. Start planting seeds and reaching out to your customers TODAY!

  • The following items are not included in the Dot Dollars REDEEM:
    • Starter Kits
    • Gift Cards
    • Covet - this is very important to note. If your customer is disappointed that she cannot use DD on Covet, suggest that she host a DD redemption trunk show and she can use her Style Rewards
    • December New Arrivals
      • Trove Tassel Necklace
      • Trove Stretch Bracelets
      • Trove Tassel Earrings
      • Trove Statement Ring
      • Annex Ear Jacket
      • Jacqueline Tassel Lariat
      • Out of Stock items

  • Customers will receive an email telling them that they earned codes. Their codes are NOT included in the email. YOU will have access to the codes and will help them redeem or they can log into their S&D account to redeem starting. Home Office will be sending us info on where and when we can expect to have Dot Dollar codes.

  • The most common question that customers have/do not realize is that they need to have $50 in their cart to apply a $25 code. Even when we are VERY clear, they miss this, so be sure you are armed with POSITIVE energy and the ability to explain that this is a FABULOUS promotion which essentially allows them to shop at half off when they fulfill the requirement of the $50 spend!

  • If someone wants to give their codes to someone (i.e. a husband who shopped with you wants his wife to use them or a mother wants to give them to her daughter, etc.) that is fine. However, PLEASE remember that the spirit of the promotion is to have the customers who EARNED the codes redeem them. You should NEVER give a customer's codes to someone else because she hasn't used them or you don't think she will use them. That is not the spirit of this promotion, and could be a disaster should your customer change her mind and decide she does want to redeem at the last hours. Please don't put posts on social media along the lines of "Message me if you want 50% of a $50 order" or "I have extra Dot Dollars, who wants them?" as this violates our compliance policies and you will be subject to termination.

Dot Dollars are brilliant and can help you have a strong finish to 2016 and an amazing start to 2017, which will lead to a strong spring season. Follow the tips and WTS in this email and let's get a 100% redemption rate!!

Personal reach outs will be the key to your success. Pick up the phone and offer exceedingly personalized customer service!!


Log in to Stylist Lounge and export your orders for the earning period 11/10 - 12/13. Sort your exported order list and determine who earned Dot Dollars so that you can start your personal reach outs. Home Office will be posting a link for you to view all your DD earners later this month.


If you haven't already done so, send thank you notes to customers that shopped with you during the Dot Dollar earning period. You can send the thank you notes by email or by snail mail along with a look book. Some Stylists upload an image to their drugstore, have them printed and send them to their customers as a post card reminder that Dot Dollars are coming and that they have earned. Whatever method of reach out you choose, do it ASAP! You want your customers to start their wish lists and be ready to shop as soon as their codes are available to redeem!

WTS 1: Dear _____, Thank you for your Stella & Dot order! I hope you are enjoying your new sparkle. Your order also earned you $X Dot Dollars to redeem 12/27-1/4. Your code(s) will be in your Stella & Dot account on the 27th and I will also follow up with you to help you place your redemption order. For now, go online to my personal website (insert link) and create your 1/2 off shopping list! Note: certain items are excluded from the Dot Dollars redemption program. Please go to my website for details.

In the coming days, I will create a Dot Dollars redeem album on our Glowing Stones Team Facebook Page.


  • If you have not hosted your own double dip trunk show yet this year, now is the time to set one up! This is a great way to earn hostess rewards that you can redeem for the Spring 2017 collection release.

  • Alternatively, you can create a mystery hostess trunk show for Dot Dollar redemption. This will help get your customers excited to redeem their Dot Dollars - they could be going on a BIG S&D spree. You can choose to give away all the rewards to one customers, split the rewards amongst several shoppers or award the half offs. It's an extra perk/reward for your customers that love Stella & Dot and that have supported you! Here are the instructions for creating a Mystery Hostess trunk show.

  • 1) Email address: your Here is an example of one on June 23rd, 2016:

    2) mailing address: use your own home address

    3) First Name of Hostess: Mystery
    4) Last Name of Hostess: Hostess

    5) Phone number: your personal cell phone number

    Create yours and then invite all your Dot Dollars earners to shop the mystery show (export all the email addresses from your Dot Dollars earner report and invite them to the mystery show)!

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    Personalize the invitation: Congrats on earning Dot Dollars on your recent order! You are stylish & savvy! For every $50 that you add to your cart between December 27 - January 4, you'll be able to redeem one $25 Dot Dollar code for 1/2 off shopping! When you shop this link (insert link), you'll also be entered to win all of the hostess rewards. In the past, I've given away a $300+ shopping spree! If you need your codes or help placing an order, please contact me. I'll be following up with you by phone and email as well. Happy Dot Dollar shopping!!


    Have you reached out to your Dot Dollars earners and asked them to host a DD redemption trunk show? Their friends that attended the show with them also earned Dot Dollars, so #boom, that's an easy trunk show and way for the hostess to earn Style Rewards. Plus, it's end Dec/early January - not much else is going on and after the holidays with kids home and family overload, the girls are going to want a fun night out.

    WTS 1: Hi ____! It was so great to meet you at X's trunk show. What a fun night. The great news is that everyone that shopped that night earned Dot Dollars and they are going to be ready to redeem. Let's have everyone pop by your place for a power shopping/redemption session. You can also invite friends that didn't earn Dot Dollars because they're going to want to get some new styles too! You'll earn tons of FREE Stella & Dot for this #nobrainer. I have December x or January x available. Can we book it? xo

    WTS 2: Your Dot Dollar codes are here and you have $X to redeem. Let's gather a couple of girlfriends and I'll bring over some cute looks to share - we might as well try to earn you some Style Rewards, too! I have the morning of the 29th or the evening of the 3rd available. I'll all you tomorrow to find a time to make it happen.
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    Send this email with their DD codes AND instructions on how to redeem and by when.

    Dear ________, I hope your holidays have been great. You earned $x Dot Dollars for shopping with me this last month and now it's time to redeem and start your new year off in style! I know you have your eye on a few things, so let's shop for you at 50% off!! For every $50 that you spend between now and 1/4, you can redeem $25 Dot Dollars. Here are your codes: (list codes).

    You can redeem by shopping online (give link to your DD redemption show or mystery trunk show) or by giving me a call. By shopping this link, you will also be entered to win the hostess rewards from all the orders that are placed during the redemption period! In the past, I've given away (2) $250 shopping sprees!

    If it's easier for you, I'm full service and would be happy to help you place your redemption order. Be sure to check out our sale items too. Now would be a great time to round out your accessories wardrobe with a statement necklace, an engravable or charm necklace, everyday hoops & studs, and a great layering necklace. Let me know if you need any suggestions. If I see that you haven't redeemed your Dot Dollars codes by 1/3, expect to receive a reminder from me. You'll totally regret it if you miss this sweet deal, so I'll check in with you to make sure you're scoring some style for a steal!! xo

    P.S. I'm looking for 3 debut hostesses who would love to be the first to share our Spring 2017 collection next month. For being my first, I will bring your beverage of choice (wine, champagne, margaritas, sangria) to get the party started! Dates are available on a first come, first serve basis. Message me and we will get your date on the books! Happy Dot Dollar shopping.

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    WTS for calling for a sale

    Hi ___! Dot Dollars are here! I'm so excited to help you get some things off your wish list - you have $x to redeem! What can I order for you today? If you're having trouble narrowing the list down, we can get the girls together and get you the rest for FREE! I have the afternoon of the 29th or the evening of the 3rd - what's best for you?

    If you get her voice mail, leave a quick simple message Hi ____! This is ___ from Stella & Dot. I'm calling to let you know that it's Dot Dollars time!! This is our customer fave promotion and you earned these half off codes when you shopped with me during the holidays. Check your email for the details and I'll follow up with you tomorrow. Then text her this image and " Your name from Stella & Dot here. Just left you a vm. I'll be calling you tomorrow to help you redeem your Dot Dollars. Check your email for the details."

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    Hey girlfriend! I promised that I would remind you to redeem your Dot Dollars. Don't forget to shop at HALF OFF...friends don't let friends waste Dot Dollars, so let me know what I can order for you! Try to check this off your "to do" list today before something comes up - because there is always "something else" - LOL . Here is the link (insert link to your Mystery Hostess show) for you to shop at 1/2 off and to be entered to win the hostess credits too. Please let me know if it's easier for you to have me place the order. I'm around and you can call or text me with your list. xo

    Note: It's going to be challenging to reach people right after New Years. They might not have seen your email or they may have seen your email, but with kids home on winter break and all the craziness of the holidays, they probably got busy and forgot. They will be grateful for the reminder!
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    Text, email, FB message this image to anyone who has not yet redeemed with these WTS:

    Hey Gorgeous! Friendly reminder that today is the last day to use your Dot Dollars codes. You earned them, don't let them go to waste!! How often do you get to shop at 50% off? Go ahead and treat yourself to that piece that's calling your name. I'm here and happy to help you with style suggestions, codes and to place your order. Just let me know what you need. I'm full service ;-) XO
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    Let's put the "P" in Personal Stylist! Reach out and make sure all our customers are redeeming their Dot Dollars! Have fun!!

    XO, Krista

    Krista Demcher - proud leader of Team Glowing Stones